Transferring your international domain away from Fasthosts

You can transfer any international domain name away from Fasthosts provided that the domain name has been registered for at least 60 days. The transfer process takes between seven and nine days and involves the following steps:

1. Unlock the domain in your Fasthosts account.
2. Check the Admin contact for your domain name.
3. Ask your new provider to request the transfer
4. Provide your authorisation code.
5. Wait for the transfer to complete.

Warning: .eu domain name renewals are deferred until the renewal date itself. Make sure your renewal is applied to the domain name before you make the transfer. Find out more on the renewal process for .eu domain names in our article .eu domain registration extension.

1 Unlocking your domain name

To make sure you're the only person who can transfer your domains, we lock them to your account. Before you can start the transfer, you need to unlock the domain name.

Step 1a: Log into your Fasthosts account.

Step 1b: In the Domain registrations section, click Configure your domains.

Step 1c: Select your domain name.

Step 1d: In the Your domain section, click Show all registration settings.

Step 1e: Click the Transfer this domain to another provider link at the bottom of the page

Step 1f: Click Unlock now (your domain name will be shown in the link).

Within a few seconds, you'll see a message confirming that your domain name has been unlocked. If an authorisation code is also shown, make a note of it, as you will need it later.

The domain will remain unlocked for seven days.

2 Checking the Admin contact email address for your domain name

During the transfer process the Admin contact for your domain name will be sent an email requesting confirmation of the transfer. Before proceding to the next steps you should ensure that the Admin contact email address is correct and able to recieve emails.

Important: To authorise the transfer the Admin contact will need to reply using the same email address that the authorisation email was sent to. Fsor this reason the Admin email address should be a mailbox and not a forwarder.

You can change the Admin contact details for your domain name in our article Changing registration contacts for your domain name.

3 Requesting the transfer with your new provider

Step 3a: Once you have unlocked the domain name, contact your new registration provider to ask them to begin their side of the transfer.

Step 3b: Some registrars require further registry authorisation to complete the transfer. If this is the case email, quoting the following in the body of your email:

4 Confirming the transfer

Step 4a: If you are not the admin contact, you should email him/her to warn that they will receive an email requesting confirmation of the transfer. If you noted an authorisation code earlier, you should also send this to the admin contact.

Step 4b: The gaining registrar should then initiate transfer and will email the admin contact to request of the transfer. The admin contact must reply, confirming the transfer and quoting any authorisation code, within five days

Step 4c: To find your authorisation code follow steps 1a-1e as shown above. Your authorisation code can be found in the Provide your authorisation code section of the control panel.

If you are not the admin contact, you should warn them that they will receive the email.

Important: If the authorisation is sent from any email address, other than the admin contact email address, the transfer will fail.

5 Completing the transfer

Your new domain registration provider will now contact us to complete the transfer. It may take up to nine days before the domain is fully transfered.

Throughout the transfer, your domain name will continue to work as normal. Your new provider should leave the domain name's nameserver records unchanged.

Note: Your domain transfer may fail if:

Quick tip: We charge your account for domain renewals 30 days before the renewal date. If you transfer a domain after we have charged for its renewal, but before the renewal date, we will not renew your domain and cannot refund you. We recommend that you wait until after the renewal date before you transfer the domain name.

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