Affiliate FAQs

Thinking of making money as a Fasthosts Affiliate but need more information? We have answered some of the more frequently asked questions below to help get you started and to guide you through the process of becoming a Fasthosts Affiliate.

If you still can't find the information you're looking for then please feel free to contact a member of our support team via email at

How can I register to become a part of the Fasthosts Affiliate Program?

You can register using Affilinet. Just click the link to sign up & get started.

What do I need to participate in the Fasthosts Affiliate Program?

To participate on Fasthosts Affiliate Program, you need a website or e-mail template on which you can integrate Fasthosts advertisements. Fasthosts excludes websites with the following contents:

  • Websites with pornographic or sexual content
  • Violent, racist, sexist, discriminatory or inappropriate websites
  • Websites that violate applicable national and / or international laws
  • Websites that violate the intellectual property of others.

For more information, see the Fasthosts Terms and Conditions.

How to integrate a banner or other advertising links on my website?

In your affiliate network account you will find our resources available advertising our products. For each banner or text link, you will find the corresponding HTML code. Copy this code and paste it where you want the banner to be on your website. If Fasthosts makes any changes to the banners or text links they will be automatically updated on your website.

How to measure a successful purchase and your commission?

Tracking is used to measure your success and track the performance of your website advertising services. The Fasthosts tracking feature shows which advertising products are generating income and how much you have earned. This data is then processed and you will be paid your commissions.

If the user does not order immediately after visiting your website, the cookie is the most important tool to allow an assignment. A cookie is a small text file, which saves information about what your website visitors have clicked on. Your Affiliate-ID and the ID of the clicked ad are recorded. If the user then orders within 30 days via the Fasthosts website, all relevant data can be processed and you will receive your commission.

The acceptance of cookies on the user’s computer is a mandatory prerequisite for collecting feedback on mediated orders. For more information, see the Fasthosts Terms and Conditions.

When is a commission confirmed and paid?

The maximum length of time before commission is paid is 75 days. It is possible to be paid before this date, but order validation must be done prior to authorising sales, thus increasing the wait time.

What kind of agency is not allowed?

Sales which were mediated with the use of post-view technology:

  • A cookie can only be sent when clicking the advertisement.
  • The setting a cookie when you display the advertisement (post view) is not allowed.
  • Sales which were mediated by ignoring the Fasthosts search engine guidelines.

For more information, see the Fasthosts Terms and Conditions.

Why could commissions be cancelled?

  • The customer has a negative credit rating.
  • The customer cancelled the contract during the trial period
  • The customer has ordered twice and an order has been cancelled

If in your case none of these answers apply, contact us, quoting your identification and the customer data at

Why was my commission not registered?

  • Your integration of the advertising code on your website was not correct
  • If your cookie was overwritten within the 30-day cookie duration period by another Affiliate Partner, the commission will be credited to them
  • Your customer has turned off the cookie acceptance in the settings of their Internet browser
  • Your customer has deleted their saved cookies

If in your case none of these answers apply, contact us, quoting your identification and the customer data at

Whom do I contact with important questions?

For any further questions, please contact us at

Which Fasthosts products are part of the Fasthosts Affiliate Program?

All major products that can be ordered on the Fasthosts website are available through the affiliate programme. Details of the products can be found here, & commissions structure can be found here.

Can Fasthosts Affiliate Partners order Fasthosts products and claim commissions?

You may order Fasthosts products for your own use, and will be are rewarded with the appropriate commission.

Can Fasthosts Affiliate Partners make orders on behalf of a customer in the
Fasthosts Shop?

If the consent from the customer and the order on behalf of the end user is given up, the exchange can be done through an agency.