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Why it matters where your data lives

where your data lives

If you’re running a business in the cloud, over the last few months you’ll no doubt have heard about new data protection rules and upcoming changes in the regulatory landscape.

Looking back, a lot of things have changed since Edward Snowden revealed details about the NSA surveillance scheme and how the agency gained access to data on European citizens stored by American tech giants. Since then, the European Commission and the US have been working hard on a new agreement to make it easy for organisations to transfer data across the Atlantic. But after three years of debate, when they were close to an agreement known as Privacy Shield, the EU watchdogs expressed their concerns about the collection of EU citizens' data by the US authorities. Finally, the agreement was rejected last April.

Before Snowden, we didn’t care that much about the location and protection of our data, as long as we could access it from anywhere at any time. But this series of events, a new EU General Data Protection Directive, and a potential ‘Brexit’ around the corner, have raised questions and concerns amongst businesses and consumers about where their data lives. Will the new EU Data Protection Directive affect your business regardless of the UK remaining in the European Union? How can you guarantee your customers’ data is stored safely and within the UK? Which cloud providers are reliable and trustworthy?

Even in the event of Brexit, UK businesses offering services to European citizens will face stricter data security requirements than those currently imposed by the UK Data Protection Act. We know that changes in regulation can be painful for you and your business, particularly when compliance with the new rules requires preparation and associated costs. However, all these changes are positive and will reassure your customers that their most valuable assets are in safe hands.

Data sovereignty has become a priority for all organisations using the cloud. The good news is that with Fasthosts, your data is stored securely at one of our data centres within the UK, fully protected and isolated from other customers.

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Author As a content creator for Fasthosts, Neal’s main focus is cloud technology and how it’s transforming everything we do online. He’s worked in the web hosting industry for over five years.