Fulfilling online orders? Networking with clients? Conversing with colleagues? Whatever you use your emails for, it’s safe to say they’re an important part of day-to-day life. And we know that when you’re trying to run a business or work on your projects, you don’t have time for disruptions.

That’s why we’ve been super busy behind the scenes, putting a lot of effort into investing in your products and upgrading our email services. Our aim has been to make your emails easier to manage, faster to access and safer to use. The best bit? Our prices are staying the same! That’s right, you get all these awesome new features without any extra costs.

But what exactly have we been working on?

A brand new webmail interface

We asked what you wanted to see from your webmail and you answered. Now we’re upgrading our webmail interface with a new look and a fully-responsive UI that we think you’ll love.

With mobile and tablet support, your emails will also be optimised however you access them. And with the new ‘dark’ mode, you can be comfortable using your emails, whatever time you’re working (and save battery power too!).

Our new and improved webmail client also includes the latest intuitive features so that you can manage your emails effortlessly, staying focused on the task at hand. This includes advanced drag & drop message management for moving messages between folders, moving recipients between inputs and more. Head over to your Control Panel and see what else is new or why not log in to your webmail and check it all out for yourself?

Investing in the power behind your emails

When it comes to your webmail, it’s not just about how it looks, it needs to run well too – you have a lot on your plate and we don’t want you getting slowed down. That’s why we’re continuing to invest in upgrading the hardware that powers our email platform. Boosting its performance means that you’ll see improvements in the speed of delivering, managing and accessing your emails.

Stamping out spam

Let’s face it, you hate spam, we hate spam, everyone hates spam. There are ways you can identify and report spam emails, but when you’re trying to focus the last thing you need is an inbox filled up with junk messages. So, we’ve been working hard to improve your experience and stamp out spam for good. Heavy investment in email filters for all mailboxes and expanding our hardware capacity will help reduce the spam you receive and get us to our spam-free goal.

Authenticating your emails

Issues with spam don’t just apply to what lands in your inbox, it works the other way around too. And if you’re communicating with clients or marketing to customers, the last you want is for your own emails to get sent to their spam folder. This is always a possibility but there are things you can do to stop it from happening, such as email marketing best practices. You can also use Sender Policy Framework (SPF) which is usually a bit of a hassle, but we’ve made it easier to do!

What is SPF?

Put simply, SPF reduces the chance of your emails being marked as spam. It does this by specifying which mail servers are allowed to send emails for your domain. This is used to verify if emails from your domain are actually from you or from someone pretending to be you.

So, how have we made it easier to use SPF?

Using SPF is important so we’ve gone and simplified the process. We’ll be automating the addition of SPF records for new domains that you add to your account. Plus we’ll be making it a whole lot easier to manually add SPF records for existing domains.

We want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your products and that includes both how you experience them and how you use them. On top of upgrading your webmail, we’ve put together some guides over on our blog on what you can do with your products, from installing plugins on WordPress to adding an online store to your website. As always, if you ever need any help, whether it’s about your new webmail interface or something else, our support team are here to answer your questions 24/7.