We’re delighted to announce our sponsorship of Fosshost, the non-profit organisation that provides free, world-class hosting services to a wide range of open-source projects.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of free and open-source software (FOSS). The internet as we know it simply couldn’t exist without the powerful functionality offered by freely available software for a huge variety of potential applications.

Established in 2020, Fosshost took on the task of providing free hosting, dedicated to the needs of the open-source community. Since then, a group of highly talented and motivated volunteers have worked hard to make this mission a reality.

For Fosshost to lend its support to a project, it has to provide significant benefits to the community and wider society. The organisation now provides hosting for well-known FOSS projects such as GNOME, Debian, and many more.

For these open-source projects to be fully empowered, it’s vital to give them the infrastructure they need. As a leading hosting provider, we understand and appreciate the critical role played by the FOSS community, so it made perfect sense (despite any potential for name-based confusion!) for Fasthosts and Fosshost to join forces.

Powerful dedicated hardware in a Fasthosts data centre now directly supports Fosshost projects, providing additional free hosting for FOSS tenants. In the words of Fosshost volunteer Bruno Miguel, “The new hardware will help us accommodate the increasing number of tenants and provide an even better service. It will also allow us to fulfil our vision and be a trustworthy entity for our sponsors.”

At Fasthosts we’re looking forward to working with the team as we proudly support their FOSS projects. We’ll continue to highlight the fantastic work done by Fosshost in the future, as well as the amazing contributions of the open-source community.