Love WordPress? You’re not alone. It’s the world’s favourite website platform by far. By combining usability with custom features via themes and plugins, WordPress offers the ideal content management system for a wide range of projects. And of course, WordPress is open source, so the software itself is completely free.

But there’s one often overlooked question when it comes to building and managing a website with WordPress: where is it actually hosted? To be accessible to the world, your WordPress site needs to sit on a hosting platform. Here’s our guide to WordPress Hosting, and how to select the ideal web hosting solution for your WordPress project.

Setting up and plugging in

While relatively straightforward, the WordPress setup process can still be a drag. But with a platform like WordPress Hosting from Fasthosts, setup for the WordPress application is fully automated and streamlined via a user-friendly control panel. This means you can be up and running almost instantly, with no downloads or manual installations required.

Then there’s those all-important plugins. If you know your site requires a certain type of functionality, like an online shop, you’ll want to get your WordPress plugins in order as soon as possible. The good news is that, with Fasthosts, you can launch WordPress with a selection of the most useful plugins pre-installed. So whether you want to sell online with WooCommerce, filter comments with Akismet, or enhance SEO with Yoast, your plugins of choice are ready to go.

Peak platform performance

When it comes to WordPress performance – how fast your site loads for visitors – your choice of hosting provider is critical. First, it’s vital to select a platform that’s been specifically optimised with WordPress in mind, such as WordPress Hosting from Fasthosts. By going with Fasthosts, you get the additional advantage of UK data centres: put simply, your site loads faster for users in the UK when it’s on a server closer to their physical location.

Fasthosts data centres also feature the latest hardware, including solid-state drive (SSD) storage. Being so much faster than traditional hard drives, SSDs ensure that your data loads as quickly as possible. This makes a real difference to the performance of WordPress sites that rely on extensive databases, as well as content-rich, multimedia projects.

Reliability is another key consideration of platform performance, and Fasthosts offers the latest technology to ensure your WordPress site stays online and loads fast, no matter what. Load balancers distribute traffic across multiple servers to stop your site being overwhelmed, and clustered architecture ensures no single point of failure – so even if hardware fails or part of the system goes down, your WordPress projects remain available.

Managing multiple sites

If you’re a freelance web developer or your agency builds websites for clients, you’re probably used to managing several projects at once. Even so, switching between WordPress sites can be time-consuming and tedious, making a platform that simplifies project management a lifesaver.

With Fasthosts, you get one user-friendly interface for managing all your WordPress websites, and you can add new sites to your package at any time. This is ideal for web agencies, and volume discounts mean the more sites you run on your WordPress Hosting package, the more money you save.

Staying up to date and secure

WordPress is constantly evolving, making software updates a fact of life for its users. The benefits of regular WordPress updates are twofold: first, you get the newest features and functionality, and second, you can be sure that your version of WordPress includes the most recent security patches – and you’re fully protected from the latest online threats.

In terms of hosting, managing WordPress updates becomes a key concern. On the Fasthosts platform, minor updates are performed automatically, so no action is required to receive the latest security fixes. You also have the ability to enable automatic updates for major versions, or to disable updates altogether. This last option can be useful if your website has some specialised functionality that requires a specific version of WordPress.

Updates aside, the security of the platform hosting your WordPress site is crucial. Fasthosts systems offer exceptional levels of data protection, including data centres with access control, 24/7 monitoring and ISO 27001 certification. The platform is continually scanned for threats such as malware and DDoS attacks, and each WordPress site comes with a free SSL certificate for one year, so you can ensure HTTPS encryption and reassure your visitors.

Support and extra features

As user-friendly as WordPress is, there’s always the chance for technical difficulties to creep in. If you need help managing the hosting side of WordPress, high-quality technical support is a must. Fasthosts provides 24/7 support, both online and by phone, so if you need assistance running your WordPress projects, expert help is always available.

Then there are all those extras that make WordPress smoother, easier and more efficient. Need a domain name for your WordPress site? What about an email account for your contact page? With Fasthosts every WordPress website comes with a domain, free for a year, as well as five 2GB mailboxes. And finally, there are no limits on bandwidth, so no matter how much traffic your site receives, there’s no risk of extra data costs.

If you want to learn more about hosting WordPress, community events are a fantastic resource. WordCamp conferences regularly take place worldwide, bringing together the best of WordPress development in a welcoming, social setting – and this weekend, the Fasthosts team is attending WordCamp Bristol 2019. Visit the stand to find out more about WordPress Hosting from Fasthosts, and how it can help you bring out the best in your WordPress projects.