Ready to move your data to the cloud? Migrating to a new cloud infrastructure might seem like a daunting task, but with the right preparation and coordination, it really shouldn’t be. With clear planning from the start, you can ensure your migration goes smoothly while avoiding the pitfalls. Bearing this in mind, let’s look at some of the key points to consider when mapping out your migration to our new CloudNX platform.

All or nothing?

Some users make the mistake of assuming that to use the cloud effectively, they need to migrate all their data at once. This really isn’t true, and in many cases it actually makes sense to do the opposite. If you’re not 100% prepared, the sudden transfer of all your applications to a new platform has the potential to negatively impact on your business. On top of that, it’s not exactly practical or convenient to upload all your data in one go.

Test the waters

Generally we recommend a gradual migration to the cloud, starting with less critical applications, before moving on to more sensitive ones. For example, you could begin with a simple application such as an internal company website, then gradually integrate business-critical systems like customer databases. This approach gives you the opportunity to test out the platform and get comfortable managing the various cloud resources available to you, including important features such as monitoring and security tools.

A budget you can actually stick to

Another advantage of gradual migration is that you only have to budget for the initial level of performance you require. Pay-as-you-use pricing makes cloud migration extremely cost-effective because you only need to pay for the exact server usage of individual applications, as and when you choose to integrate them. So by clearly planning your migration in stages, you can drastically cut the costs of your first steps into the cloud.

Your skills, our support

When planning your relocation to the cloud, you need to be sure you have the skillset in place to manage your infrastructure – whether that means having the expertise yourself, or relying on an IT specialist on your team. Once you get started, CloudNX offers ease of use with the intuitive Cloud Panel, along with 24/7 UK support to help you resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. If day-to-day admin is completely manageable, but you need assistance to complete your migration or another one-off project, Fasthosts offers a dedicated Professional Services team to guide you through the process.

For more on what our innovative new cloud platform, read about Cloud Servers on the Fasthosts website.