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Customer service: does one size fit all?

Customer Contact Expo is Europe’s leading conference for the contact centre and customer service industry, featuring a wide range of exhibitors, expert speakers and lively panel discussions. Held over 28th and 29th September at Olympia London, this year’s event was a superb opportunity for customer service professionals to engage with the latest contact centre technology and innovative approaches to customer experience. Representing Fasthosts was our Customer Operations Manager, Rob Jackson. With over 15 years of experience in IT customer support, Rob is always keen to share his expertise and advocacy for continuous improvement throughout the customer journey. Over 100 people filled the Customer Insights Theatre to hear Rob discuss the subject ‘Customer service: does one size fit all?’ with Matt Bateson, Customer Experience Director at Oracle. As we highlighted in a previous article, Fasthosts is committed to a seamless experience at every level of the customer journey, and Rob talked about the various challenges the business has overcome to achieve this. Customer Contact Expo He started by emphasising the vital importance of a tailored customer experience in a competitive market full of “savvy customers who know what they want and choose suppliers based on a set of specific needs”. When it comes to enabling excellence in customer experience, Rob described how “there isn’t one silver bullet, just many, many small steps that have taken us closer to our goal”. In any organisation, mapping out the customer journey requires buy-in from key stakeholders. Rob laid out the process of building a customer-centric culture and explained how “breaking down the silos between departments and demonstrating how these objectives can be met collaboratively is key to success”. When Matt asked what Fasthosts had achieved in terms of customer experience, Rob described how the culture allows “departments that may not have a direct link to our customers to get to know them” and that “we have technical teams that will discuss the customer experience before starting projects. That’s a really cool thing!” Customer Contact Expo Rob went on to discuss how businesses should not feel constrained by technological factors like customer relationship management systems. Ultimately, organisations should always maintain the flexibility to change structures and processes, and not be afraid to try new ways of meeting customer service demands. At Fasthosts, the agility and scalability of our CRM system means we’re free to pursue this approach. Finally, Matt asked what was next for customer experience at Fasthosts, to which Rob replied “Anything and everything! This is a journey that doesn’t have an ending. The needs of our customers are constantly evolving, so we’ll always be developing new ideas and implementing new processes.” So, answering the question ‘does one size fit all?’ in relation to customer service, we can safely say ‘no’. At Fasthosts we know our customers, not just within our support teams, but throughout our entire business. By collaborating internally and sharing key information on what users actually want from their technology partner, we’ve created the standard of service required to meet the individual needs of every Fasthosts customer. Customer Contact Expo Many thanks to Matt Bateson for chairing the discussion, and to everyone who attended the session. Be sure to keep an eye on the blog for updates on future exhibitions and events. For more details on our range of customer support options, you can visit the Fasthosts support site.

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