As a smaller organisation, it’s tempting to think that cybersecurity is not as much of a risk as it is for larger enterprises.

Someone clicks a link in a phishing email, a new security patch gets forgotten, or an older server becomes compromised without anyone realising.

And there it is: Business Interruptus

Which means technology service providers need to step in and help, as they have the resources best placed to tackle these security issues.

Maybe you had to quickly get a service provider on board in order to manage IT complexities that suddenly cropped up when the pandemic hit? Or you’ve been muddling your way through, trying to manage updates, patches and network issues.

Here’s what a managed service provider can deliver:

  • A security plan tailored to your business, including making the user experience less “interruptus” and more streamlined so they don’t bypass security.
  • A maintenance plan and process that’s well managed and thought out – don’t let system updates and application failure get in the way of users doing their job.

Smaller businesses are increasingly being targeted with security threats as it’s well known that many of them are unprepared and unprotected.

Remove the security risk by finding a partner that has the security skills you need, proactive support that doesn’t interrupt users and the scale to never let you down.

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Will Griffiths

Will Griffiths

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