If you haven't heard of malvertising it's something that's worth getting your head around. A malicious software in online advertising, the use of malvertising is reportedly growing in frequency. So to protect both themselves and their clients, now’s the time for web pros to get a handle on the potential threat. Our very own Dan Smale, Senior Service Owner, dives into what malvertising is, why it’s on the rise and explains what web pros could be doing to prevent clients' sites (and their own) from being targeted.

Malvertising is a tactic used by malicious actors to ransomware web user information and it’s on the rise. With stats suggesting attacks are 72% higher on average since the COVID-19 pandemic began , it’s more important than ever that web pros looking after client websites understand the full extent of the threat and are equipped with the knowledge required to make sure they aren’t falling prey to these attacks in the current cybersecurity environment.

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Dan Smale

Dan Smale

Senior Service Owner of Fasthosts ProActive - Managed Cloud Services.

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