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cloud computing

What is DevOps?

Trying to define DevOps can be tricky – so here’s a straightforward breakdown of DevOps principles and how DevOps teams actually work in practice.

Apache Tomcat: your pure Java web server

Learn how Apache Tomcat works with a range of Java technologies to be the ideal web server for Java-based web development.

Corralling your containers with Rancher

What is Rancher? When it comes to container management, it’s one of the best tools available. Find out how Rancher works alongside Docker and Kubernetes.

Test your projects in the cloud

When it comes to creating a test environment for your online projects, a next-gen cloud platform is ideal. Find out more about testing on CloudNX.

Speed: where the cloud has an edge

Spinning up a machine

With an in-house server, the original resource allocation can take

Cloud hosting vs shared hosting

In comparing cloud hosting to more traditional forms of shared hosting, it’s important to stress

Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm vs Apache Mesos

As explained in our over

Gartner Hype Cycle for emerging technology 2017

Snapshots, images and clones

When running tests or pushing updates or patches to your virtual machine, it’s good to have reass

Why use a load balancer?

You don’t have to be Stephen Hawking to get high numbers of website visits.



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