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Make the most of your website in 2018

With a few simple tweaks you can take your business website from a function to a driving-force behind your company’s success. The New Year is a perfect time to make it your mission to improve your business website. With that in mind, here’s a list of tips to make sure you get the most out of your business website in 2018.

make the most of your business website

Improve website SEO

Organic traffic gained through search engines like Google is a cheap way of getting your products in front of people when compared to paid-for advertising and email marketing. Optimising your website content for search engines can give you big boosts in the search rankings, and make your website easier to be found.

Where your website ranks for certain search terms depends on a variety of different things in the ever-changing Google algorithm. Best practice ways to improve your search rankings include adding more keywords to your text content and using an appropriate web page structure by splitting the content up with headings, titles, and image tags – this way Google better understands what your page is about, so knows how to rank it.

Read this blog for more information on SEO for ecommerce websites.

Fix page load times

Page load times are a huge factor in the success of any business website. Having pages that are slow to load can cause users to get frustrated with your website and exit. With page load times, every millisecond counts. Users expect pages to load in under a second, and every millisecond over one second will make it more and more likely that the user abandons their session.

Search rankings are also affected by a slow-loading website, as search engines like Google reward faster-loading sites with higher rankings. To ensure your pages load as fast as possible, you can take steps such as compressing images, tightening code and optimising caching methods.

For more information, read our previous blogs on website performance tools and how to improve page load times.

Add a blog to your business website

Adding a business blog can be a great way of acquiring new customers, and building trust amongst your existing customers. Creating high quality, helpful content that is relevant to your customer base will show them that you’re an expert in your field. The things you write about on your blog will give customers a higher opinion of your company and your products.

Blogging is also a great method of lead generation. A well-written article built around select keywords could place high in the search rankings for that topic. This will lead to new potential customers discovering your website and products.

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Mobile optimisation

Web traffic from mobile devices has slowly overtaken desktop traffic, so it’s now more important than ever to ensure that your business website is optimised to work perfectly on mobile devices. A website that doesn’t scale properly to small screens can be hard to navigate, and the content can be difficult to read. This will lead to users abandoning their sessions in frustration.

As well as being an important factor of a good user experience, a mobile-optimised website will be rewarded in the search rankings. In fact, Google now operates ‘mobile-first’ indexing which first looks at mobile versions of websites when deciding on search rankings.

More information on mobile optimisation for websites can be found here.

Keep on top of your updates

As well as ensuring you’re optimising the content and performance of your website, it’s imperative to keep on top of security. As seen in recent weeks with the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities on Intel microprocessors, there are always new hardware and software vulnerabilities to be aware of. The best way to mitigate these attacks and keep your website safe from exploitation is to be vigilant with software updates. Installing the latest version of software will ensure that your website is protected, and, as an added bonus, will often improve your website’s performance.


Whatever the status of your website, Fasthosts has a range of products that can suit your needs. Website Builder helps you create a mobile-friendly website with a blog. Cluster web hosting or next-generation cloud servers will give your website that extra performance boost and improve those all-important page load times.



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