Complete domain control

With our powerful web based system you'll have 100% domain control using your web browser, making domain management child's play. You'll also have complete access to our leading website hosting and email features.

You will be able to:

  • Register and renew domain names online instantly
  • Transfer existing domain names from other providers with easy step by step guides
  • Advanced DNS control - change nameservers, MX & A records and take domain control to another level
  • Centralise your email and set up FREE email address forwarding.
  • Configure free website forwarding - without those infuriating adverts!
  • Keep domain name registrant contact details up to date in seconds

Add website hosting & email

With Fasthosts you can easily bring your domain names to life with a professional website and email package. Instant setup in your Fasthosts account.

  • Instant website hosting - easy website builder included.
  • Create professional personalised email addresses to send and receive email from anywhere using your browser or mobile device.

Easy online account management

  • Instantly update your payment and contact details and take advantage of our convenient advanced payment options using your control panel.
  • Comprehensive online billing: keep track of your payment history and view your upcoming fees.
  • Enhanced security features ideal for business: set up separate login details with restricted access for additional users.
Open a free domain management account now

Advanced DNS control

As soon as you register or transfer a domain name to Fasthosts, we will give you full Domain Name Server (DNS) control. With our free advanced DNS control tools, you can host your email and website wherever you like.

  • Point your domain names to our nameservers for parking, website hosting and email.
  • Point your domain nameservers to your chosen host.
  • Split your A and MX records and host your websites and email wherever you want to.
  • Create nameserver host/glue records - ideal if you're using your own nameservers.

Fasthosts provides a primary nameserver plus two extra backup nameservers, ensuring that your domains won't be susceptible to failure.


Free email address forwarding

Email address forwarding is completely free with all domain names registered with Fasthosts and allows you to:

  • Create unlimited personal email addresses using your own domain name -
  • Create new professional email addresses and use our free email address forwarding service to redirect mail to your existing address e.g. your Gmail or Hotmail account
  • Change an existing email address into your new email address

And, unlike many other providers, we don't add our own signature text or advert links to your emails, even though our email address forwarding service is free.

Address forwarding

Create unlimited email addresses

Since you can create as many email forwarders as you need, why not create different email addresses to cater for common typos and variations and have them all forwarded to the same mailbox? For example and could both be forwarded to the same email address.

Set up useful distribution groups

Instead of emailing specific groups of individuals, you can set them up on a single email address and let our free email forwarding automatically forward your messages to each of their mailboxes.

Send email from your personal email address

Free email forwarding allows you to create professional email addresses to receive email. In order to send email from your email address, you'll need a full mailbox facility. From as little as £.99£1.19pm, you can instantly open a professional Fasthosts email package.

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Free website address forwarding

Put your domain name to work as a web address immediately by forwarding to an existing website. Web forwarding is free for all domain names that you register with Fasthosts, or transfer to us.

Although we offer web forwarding free of charge, unlike some providers we don't add banner advertising or popup adverts we simply forward visitors to your chosen website.

Using our easy framed web forwarding feature, you can choose to "mask" the destination website address in the browser address bar so it shows your own domain name.

As well as domain name forwarding, we offer the facility to create unlimited sub-domain web forwarders to different destinations. For example, this means you could forward visitors to completely different websites if they went to and

As soon as you're ready to create a website on your domain name, simply configure one of our great value professional website hosting packages from as little as £1.99£2.39

Not only do our packages come with lots of advanced web hosting features, they also all come with our easy website publishing tool.

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Address forwarding

Multiple domain management

With a free Fasthosts domain name account, you can register and manage as many domain names as you like, at the UK's best prices. As you would expect from a superior domain registration provider, we support all major name extensions including UK-specific, international and specialist formats.

Our automatic domain renewal feature means you'll never need to worry about your domains expiring - perfect for managing multiple domain registrations. You can always choose not to renew a domain at any time, or we'll simply renew each domain registration for you when the time comes.

Our unique address book feature, built into your Fasthosts domain management account, is ideal if you register and manage domain names for other users. Simply add their contact details and retrieve them instantly when you start a new domain name registration.

Domain Management

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