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Fasthosts ISO 27001 data centre security success

After dedicating a year to attain the internationally accredited data centre ISO 27001 status, Fasthosts, a leading hosting provider, is celebrating the achievement.

Whether an individual, SME, or public sector agency, data centre security is important to every user and could impact customers with a loss of data. Physical controls such as fire-suppression systems and break-in preventions need to be analysed alongside logical security, ensuring that intruders are unable to break into systems virtually.

Having experienced rapid growth over the past ten years, Fasthosts was keen to ensure that its hard work in ensuring the best in data centre security was recognised, not only by customers, but also with an international accreditation.

The one thing the Fasthosts team was absolutely clear on from the start was that this was not going to be a simple tick-box exercise. Instead, this was the type of challenge they live and breathe for, as George Daly, Head of Hosting Networks explains:

“ISO 27001 is not a mandatory requirement for data centres. We already have secure systems and processes but we wanted to verify that against an industry standard – which ISO 27001 gives us. We wanted to ensure that we are as secure as we think we are, and we actually wanted to find any gaps where we could improve, by being externally audited and by making sure we’re up to the standard with the industry best practices.

“We spent several days with the auditors doing very detailed interviews and audits followed by analysis. It was great to be reassured that we do run a secure operation. But there were some positive changes we made to meet the more in-depth compliance guidelines.”

From the initial meeting in June, Fasthosts allocated dedicated resource to meet the requirements for the pre-audit in January 2017. Fasthosts customers can provision services in state-of-the-art UK data centres, as well as in the US and across Europe, so it was critical that Fasthosts met the international security standard.

“If one data centre isn’t compliant with ISO standards, then that risks the compliance of the entire group of data centres, so we were particularly pressured. So, when the pre-audit went well, and although the team still had a bit more work to do, it actually felt great.”

Following a final, successful audit the ISO 27001 certificate was issued to Fasthosts data centres in June 2017.

“It is validation that we are as secure as we think we are – it’s nice to be recognised independently for what we already knew.

“In short, the accreditation verifies that our network, people and processes are meeting an internationally recognised standard in terms of information security. Customers can now be reassured that we run a stable and secure operation.”

You can find out more about the Fasthosts data centres and ISO certification at