Fasthosts launches flexible, pay-as-you-use cloud server platform, CloudNX

Fasthosts Internet Ltd, a leading web and cloud hosting provider, today announces the availability of CloudNX, its next generation cloud server. CloudNX allows customers to take advantage of the resource flexibility of the cloud (with scaling CPU, RAM and SSD storage available on demand) combined with no contracts and usage-based billing.

CloudNX provides users with high-performance virtual machines that allow quick provisioning on Windows and Linux for apps and infrastructure with storage and network management. Servers scale to meet demand, providing the infrastructure when it’s needed with no upfront costs or contracts. CloudNX lets users scale from one server to multi-server secure networks in just a few clicks.

Targeted at developers and IT specialists, CloudNX features all-inclusive secure technology, defending data and apps through private networks, firewalls and VPN. Users can try out applications with confidence and capture full server clones for fast duplication or create snapshots for change testing quickly and easily.

Finally, the service is easy to use: a cloud control panel is available on desktop and mobile, enabling the creation of servers and networks all in one place. Users also benefit from UK data centres and 24/7 customer support, with the ability to launch servers at multiple global data centre locations including the UK.

Simon Yeoman, General Manager, Fasthosts Internet Ltd., comments “CloudNX provides a state-of-the-art opportunity for developers to benefit from all that the cloud has to offer, with no commitment and on a pay as you use basis. As well as a secure environment, high-performance virtual machines and almost 100% guaranteed uptime, CloudNX is easy to use and scale, making it the ideal solution for developer, web and cloud hosting.”

Top features of CloudNX include:

  • 55 second provisioning: Fasthosts cloud servers can be provisioned in as little as 55 seconds, getting customers and their projects up and running faster.
  • Private networks: From the cloud control panel, users can automatically and immediately create and manage private network settings, firewall rules and load balancing.

Snapshots, images and clones:

  • Snapshots capture a virtual machine’s status and allow the user to restore it at any time, or partially merge it with current changes. This is useful for ensuring updates or big changes can be easily undone.
  • Images are server copies that can be scheduled daily or weekly with a maximum retention number of 50. This allows the user to keep images from the last 50 days and restore any to a new server when needed.
  • Cloning is a one-off action to duplicate a selected server. This makes scaling easy – once the user is happy with a server, they can simply clone it as many times as necessary.

24/7 support & Professional Services:

  • Fasthosts offers 24/7 UK customer support as standard with all cloud servers.
  • Outside of support queries, Fasthosts’ dedicated Professional Service experts are on hand to provide a bespoke, cost effective server management service, meaning that customers can focus on managing and growing their businesses

CloudNX is available from £15.00 per month (excluding VAT), on a one month rolling billing cycle with no contract. Users can see and control usage for the current month, down to minutes. Usage is billed on the 2nd of each month, with ongoing cost estimates provided to ensure there are no surprises.

More information is available at