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Fasthosts: Spindogs’ choice for Dedicated Servers for over a decade

The latest case study to come from leading hosting supplier, Fasthosts, focuses on its continued commitment to digital agencies.

Cardiff-based digital marketing agency Spindogs (www.spindogs.co.uk) is a creative, results-driven digital agency which has seen significant growth since owner and Technical Director, David Morgan, set it up in 2004 with his university friends.

As Spindogs grew, it was important they selected a reliable technical hosting provider who also easy to get in contact with. They chose Fasthosts to take care of increasing bandwidth and storage demands, which ensured that Spindogs could offer a fully integrated service solution for their clients.

“When we were shopping around we looked at lots of different companies,” explains Dave. “Fasthosts stood out for us due to offering RAID 1 redundant hard drives (or ‘disk mirroring’) with their servers for recovery protection, as standard. This meant that, as we grew, there was no impact to our clients when it came to upgrading the kit. That was all part of the decision-making process, and all servers are RAID-optimised to this day.”

“Picking a supplier that is very reliable, and available 24/7 is hugely important when it comes to delivering service levels. If we need to do an emergency hard drive change out of hours, for example, we know the guys at Fasthosts are available to help us facilitate those changes overnight, when it’s least disruptive to our clients.”

“It was also really important to us that we picked a UK data centre and knew exactly where our customer’s data lived online – in addition to the SEO benefits of having sites hosted on a UK IP address.”

“We had our first dedicated server with Fasthosts over 10 years ago,” recalls Dave. “We immediately realised how simple the control panel was to use. At the time, it was quite revolutionary to have a management layer on top of our servers so that we didn’t need to log directly into the servers and could do all the tinkering ourselves. This was hugely helpful when there were only 4 or 5 of us and we didn’t have the in-house server expertise.

In addition to using Fasthosts for client sites, the company also uses Fasthosts servers for internal processes, so to have a supplier understand their business and accommodate requests at any time of the day or night proved vital.

“Meeting the Spindogs team has been a rewarding experience,” explains Catherine Grayson, PR Manager for Fasthosts. “To be welcomed into a customers’ environment and realise how many client accounts they have entrusted with Fasthosts is quite incredible. The fact they have remained with us for a decade and, having seen the team grow from 3 university grads, to 27 accomplished specialists during that time, with Fasthosts working alongside them the entire time, makes us incredibly proud.”

Reflecting the positivity of the partnership, Catherine comments, “one of the greatest things about partnerships like this, is that we now completely understand Spindogs as a business and will continue to improve and innovate based on their, and other reseller, feedback. This has a positive impact for all involved.

“Having come from similarly humble ‘university friends’ beginnings, Fasthosts is absolutely delighted that Spindogs feel they made the right choice, and we look forward to working with them for, hopefully, another decade at least!”

You can read the full Spindogs case study and view the video here: https://www.fasthosts.co.uk/reseller-hosting