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Smart SSD storage

The all-new storage platform has been designed using the latest tiered storage architecture, enabling more frequently-used data to be promoted to faster storage technology. No user interaction is required, with the system monitoring website and data usage levels and managing the prioritisation seamlessly. Depending on your package choice, a larger proportion of our new solid state drives can be utilised.

Cluster also uses heterogeneous storage that allows you to easily move OS from Linux to Windows.

Dedicated SSL certificates

The newly added dedicated SSL certificates protect your site and show customers you care about their security, with up to 256-bit encryption, $500K USD warranty and the GeoTrust dynamic True Site Seal trustmark.

Your package also comes with advanced DDoS mitigation systems, giving your sites increased protection from attacks and helping our Cluster support team isolate targeted websites while minimising the effects on other sites on the same server.

No more noisy neighbour syndrome

Your website is hosted across multiple clustered web servers, which means if sites near yours get a significant increase in traffic, your performance will not be affected. The system will automatically re-route your traffic to a lower contended server.

Intelligent load balancing

The new Fasthosts hosting platform is designed to spread your websites and associated data across many servers. This means your sites will stay up and running at peak performance even under heavy load or during platform maintenance.

Sophisticated usage algorithms monitor your sites and where bottlenecks or other forms of data contention are forecast, your traffic is routed through the highest performing routes to keep your customers online and your websites earning you money.

Clustered architecture

New redundancy and resilience in the Fasthosts architecture reduces downtime to a minimum, both during upgrades and other maintenance periods. This state-of-the art design also mitigates server and storage failures by always having processing power and multiple data routes for your websites to utilise.

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