Exciting news – we’re expanding! Our product line now includes Dedicated Servers using the scalable fourth-generation Intel® Xeon® processors. So, why is this such a big deal? Keep reading to find out…

Check out the specs

So, what makes Intel® Xeon® processors any better?

For starters, the new processor has built-in accelerators designed for applications like analytics, AI, networking, security and high-performance computing. A user can also expect significantly higher performance than any previous processor, 1.33x more on average in fact, and up to 2.9x performance per watt for certain workloads. This generation of processor uses those accelerators to cleverly enable the offloading and optimal use of CPU resources, resulting in a server that's significantly more energy efficient.

Fourth gen Intel processors also support DDR5 RAM architecture, giving the user greater performance as a result of higher bandwidth.

Get techie with it

We’ve got speedy NVMe SSDs and high-capacity HDDs to boot. So you’ll have all the performance and storage you could ever need, all to yourself. Plus, you’ll be able to handle whatever traffic life throws at you, with dedicated CPUs.

And with up to 52 cores, next-gen memory support, robust platform hardening and long-life availability, you’ve got a server that blows all others out of the park!





Xeon-5412U-256-HDD Intel Xeon Gold 5412U
24 Cores/48 Threads x 2.1 GHz
Max 3.9 GHz Turbo Boost
256 GB
8.000 GB
(2 x 8.000 GB SATA)
Hardware RAID 1
Xeon-5412U-256-NVMe Intel Xeon Gold 5412U
24 Cores/48 Threads x 2.1 GHz
Max 3.9 GHz Turbo Boost
256 GB
1.920 GB
(2 x 1.920 GB NVMe SSD)
Hardware RAID 1

What’s it all about?

Sounds amazing, right? But practically, what can they be used for? The possibilities are quite honestly endless.

With greater performance and more AI accelerators, you’ll be able to move data around quickly for analytics, useful for video/data analytic servers, NVR storage servers and management service servers. You’ll also be able to create high-quality images, support virtual desktops and provide automation for machines and factories.

Resources just for you

Looking for a dedicated server with incredible performance, top-tier tech and the best in security? Look no further. Fasthosts has a range of packages to suit your needs, with no setup fees, speedy SSDs and resources that are all yours.

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