Fasthosts Partner Programme

Join like-minded experts and expand your customer base while making the most of your profits with our free Partner Programme.
Plus, you’ll get rewarded for growth with discounts on our market-leading products! We’re here to help your business thrive and to
support you and your clients every step of the way.

  • Get rewarded for your own business
  • Improve margins with additional
  • Manage all your clients in one account without
    multiple logins

The perks of partnering with Fasthosts

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Maximise profits with noteworthy discounts

Get extra discounts on top of already-competitive pricing. As your company expands, so do your rewards – the more you and your customers spend with us and the bigger your product portfolio is, the more your discounts will grow.

Do more with powerful customer management tools

Buy and manage products in your clients’ accounts by connecting with them. You won’t need to juggle separate passwords, and you can securely see what’s going on in their accounts through the Partner Portal.

Be confident in enterprise SLAs

Our service level agreements (SLAs) are our promise that we’ll give you the platform availability that you expect, and work with you to give you the perfect package to run your business on. We’re behind you every step of the way.

Keep it all together with migration services

Pull all your projects into one place and make it easier to manage everything. We’ll help you migrate your existing websites, servers and more into your Fasthosts account, so you can handle it all in your Control Panel.

Plan ahead with early access to our product roadmap

Knowledge is power, and as a Fasthosts Partner you’ll know the ins and outs of what we have planned for the upcoming quarter. Prepare yourself for new product launches and updates, and stay ahead of the competition.

Get Partner-dedicated management and support

As a Partner you’ll get access to priority UK support – we’re always here when you need us. And, as a Gold Partner you can benefit from a named dedicated account manager who will work with you to help you make the most out of your products.

Fasthosts Partner Network

As a Fasthosts Partner you get access to our Partner Network where you can advertise your products, services and skills to a whole new audience. Place your business right where Fasthosts customers can see you, and give them the help they need with their projects.


Broaden your audience

You won’t need to look far to find a pool of new customers, all looking for experts just like you. Build a profile to show off what you can do and use ‘skills’ and ‘technologies’ filters to make sure that potential clients can easily find you and get in touch.

Start with trust

Customers looking at your profile will know you’re trusted by us, so you’ll be trusted by them too. Establish yourself as a reliable expert or professional in your field, with 25 years of Fasthosts expertise behind you.

Make connections on your terms

Customers can contact you through your profile, so you can decide how best to work together. We don’t interfere with the process or take a cut, we just help you access more customers who are looking for people like you.

What does a Fasthosts Partner look like?

Here are just some of the people who can benefit from the Partner Programme.


If you provide your clients with bespoke websites or infrastructure, you’d be perfect for our Partner Programme. We’ll provide the power and reliability you need to grow your client base.

  • Design agencies
  • Development houses
  • Managed service providers


If you personally work with clients to create their web projects, our Partner Programme will make it a breeze. You’ll get access to customer management tools so you can keep on top of each clients’ projects.

  • Web developers
  • Designers
  • System architects

Solution providers

If you use servers to power your SaaS platform or B2B technologies, our Partner Programme will be able to help you scale up your projects to the level your growing audience needs.

  • Cloud resellers
  • SaaS providers
  • Software developers

Partner-dedicated management and support

All of our Partners get access to priority UK support. Our experts speak your language and are only ever a phone call away. Plus, our Gold Partners get a named dedicated account manager who will be there to work with them and help them get the most out of their products.

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A tailored experience

You’ll get the benefits that suit you best.

Fasthosts Solutions Partner

Designed for managed solutions providers and design agencies looking to manage and oversee their clients’ portfolios.

Key features

  • Comprehensive customer management tools
  • Fasthosts branded content and marketing material
  • Fasthosts Partner logo
  • Partner newsletter and product documentation
  • Dedicated account management Gold Partners get access to a named, dedicated account manager who will work with them to get the most out of their products.
  • Earn rewards with referral scheme
  • Premium support from our experts

Fasthosts Technology Partner

Perfect for businesses who’ve made a strategic decision on their infrastructure provider and need the support, capabilities and assurances of an enterprise platform.

Key features

  • Peace of mind with our commitment to availability targets
  • Purpose-built product documentation and industry insights
  • Enterprise SLAs Our promise to give you the platform availability that you expect and that your business deserves.
  • Dedicated account management Gold Partners get access to a named, dedicated account manager who will work with them to get the most out of their products.
  • Product discounts and easy migrations
  • First look at new products and updates
  • Premium support from our experts

Our solutions

Whatever products you need for your business, we’ve got you covered. All our solutions are designed to be easy to use, simple to manage and flexible when you need them to be.

Frequently asked questions

Questions about the Partner Programme? Our FAQs provide answers to the most common queries. You can also contact our expert support team at any time.