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WordPress Hosting

Simple, fast and fully optimised

Run WordPress at its absolute best on our new hosting platform. With volume discounts, each site costs just £1.99 per month when you buy 5+ WordPress sites.

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WordPress Hosting Laptop
WordPress Hosting Laptop WordPress hosting
50% off

Pay less when you buy more WordPress websites

£' + pS[0] + '.' + pS[1] + '

per site per month*

Add 1 more and pay just £2.49 per site


If you require 10 or more websites, please call our sales team on 0808 1686 777

* All prices excludeinclude VAT charged at 20%. VAT may be subject to change depending on your country of residence.

Terms and conditions apply: Special offer

The complete WordPress package and more

Instant WordPress setup

Instant WordPress setup

Launch WordPress with no fuss, fast. Our hosted WordPress package includes automatic installation for the world's favourite content management system.

Tuned for performance

Tuned for performance

WordPress runs like a dream on our platform. UK data centres and SSD storage ensure superfast loading for those critical WordPress files.

24/7 support

24/7 expert support

Never let technical issues get between you and WordPress. Whether you contact us online or by phone, our WordPress Hosting experts are available 24/7.

Free domain name

Free domain name

WordPress Hosting provides a one-year domain registration for each website. Choose from .com, .co.uk, .uk and .london to create an attention-grabbing web address.

Free SSL certificate

Free SSL certificate

Get secure hosting for WordPress with an SSL certificate included for one year. 256-bit encryption protects your data and reassures customers that they’re in safe hands.

Free email

Free email

Each WordPress site comes with five 2GB mailboxes, so it's simple to combine your website and email hosting. Personalised addresses give your emails a professional feel.

Easily add more WordPress sites to your package

Easily add more WordPress sites to your package

After you choose the number of WordPress websites you need to get started, it’s simple to add more. Order additional websites at any time and run as many as you want, all on a single WordPress Hosting package. The same volume savings always apply.

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Your ideal WordPress plugins are ready to go

Customise WordPress from the get-go with a choice of pre-installed plugins. Whether you want to sell online with WooCommerce or migrate your existing site with WordPress Importer, it’s simple to launch WordPress with enhanced features out of the box.

Your ideal WordPress plugins are ready to go
The easy way to stay up to date and secure

The easy way to stay up to date and secure

With automatic WordPress updates, there’s no need to worry about the latest security patches. Need more control? Changing your auto-update settings is simple. We also perform continual scans to ensure your site stays malware-free and fighting fit.

Fasthosts and WordPress: perfect partners

We bring out the best in WordPress with the latest hosting technology.

  • UK data centres
  • No limits on bandwidth
  • Faster loading with SSDs
  • Our clustered platform
UK data centres
UK data centres
UK data centres

WordPress Hosting gives your website the home advantage. Proudly powered by 100% renewable energy, our ISO 27001 certified UK data centres guarantee exceptional levels of uptime and faster loading. Give your users the best experience possible.

No limits on bandwidth
No limits on bandwidth
No limits on bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth means no worries about exceeding data caps – and no risk of incurring extra costs. WordPress Hosting also benefits from high-speed 1GB/s connectivity, so your website always performs at its snappiest.

Faster loading with SSDs
Faster loading with SSDs
Faster loading with SSDs

With WordPress relying heavily on databases, high-performance storage makes all the difference. WordPress Hosting fast-tracks frequently accessed data to solid-state drives (SSDs), ensuring rapid loading for your WordPress files.

Our clustered platform
Our clustered platform
Our clustered platform

WordPress Hosting runs on clustered architecture with multiple data paths, no single point of failure and 100% fault tolerance. This means you can rely on maximum availability and performance, even during upgrades and maintenance.


Not what you're looking for?

If you need a simpler way to build a website, Fasthosts can help.

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Create your perfect website

Website design is a breeze with beautiful intuitive themes.


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per month*

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Frequently asked questions

For common WordPress Hosting questions, our FAQs are here to help.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), software that enables the creation, publishing and ongoing maintenance of websites. It’s the most popular CMS worldwide due to its intuitive interface and powerful features. These include a huge choice of WordPress themes that offer instant custom layouts, and WordPress plugins that provide simple ways to implement specialised functionality.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting is a web hosting service. It provides the computer hardware and network resources necessary to make WordPress websites accessible to anyone on the internet. With WordPress Hosting, your WordPress website is hosted on servers managed by Fasthosts at high-performance UK data centres. This way, WordPress Hosting ensures that your WordPress site loads extremely quickly and is always available for everyone to view – and at a far lower cost than buying and maintaining your own server.

The WordPress software that runs on WordPress Hosting is the official version with all the features and functionality that you would expect. But WordPress Hosting differs from other solutions by providing a complete WordPress package: the software itself, plus space for it to run on a high-performance hosting platform. WordPress Hosting also includes a full range of web hosting features and benefits.

How is WordPress Hosting optimised for performance?

Our WordPress Hosting platform has been newly designed and tested, specifically for running WordPress. The architecture is built using enterprise-grade hardware to ensure superb performance, including smart SSD storage that provides superfast access to your WordPress data. WordPress Hosting also enables caching for static content, giving your website an extra speed boost.

Does WordPress Hosting include a domain? What if I already have one?

Our WordPress Hosting package includes a domain name for each website, free for one year. Register your choice of domain with .com, .co.uk, .uk or .london.

If you already have a domain name, it’s simple to use it with WordPress Hosting. Just transfer your domain to Fasthosts using the free domain transfer service, then point it to your hosting package. Guides to help you do this are available on our support site.

Can I run more than one site on WordPress Hosting? How does pricing work?

You can select the number of WordPress websites you need when you sign up. After that, it’s simple to add extra sites to your package whenever required. Everything is managed quickly and easily through your Fasthosts control panel.

Volume pricing means that the more WordPress sites you buy, the more you save. There are no extra charges for bandwidth, traffic or visitors, and the same discounts always apply when you add more sites to your package.

How do I install and update WordPress?

Our hosting platform installs the WordPress software automatically. Just follow the step-by-step process in our control panel – no downloads or manual installation required.

WordPress updates are also streamlined. By default, minor updates are installed automatically, so all the latest security patches are applied with no action required. You can also enable auto-updates for major version upgrades, or disable them completely if you want to keep your WordPress install on a specific version. Our user-friendly control panel gives you complete control to customise your update settings.

Can I migrate my existing WordPress site to WordPress Hosting?

If you have an existing WordPress site, it’s simple to migrate it to the Fasthosts platform. WordPress Importer is a plugin that helps manage the migration process, and it can be easily pre-installed when you launch WordPress from our control panel.

What themes and plugins are available on WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting gives you access to the full range of themes available to all WordPress users. With thousands of free WordPress themes to choose from, you can customise your site with the exact layout you need, and find the ideal look and feel for your blog, brand, product or service.

WordPress Hosting also lets you choose from the wide array of WordPress plugins. To get up and running even faster, you can select from some of the most popular and useful plugins, and have them pre-installed when you launch a new WordPress site. These include Jetpack, an all-in-one marketing and security package; Akismet, which filters comments and messages for spam; Smush, providing handy image compression; and Yoast, offering powerful search engine optimisation.

Can I use WooCommerce on WordPress Hosting?

It’s simple to add ecommerce functionality to WordPress Hosting using WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows any WordPress website to function as an online shop. Just like the WordPress CMS, WooCommerce offers a user-friendly interface alongside a wide variety of customisation and expansion options – everything you need to build a custom shop and sell your products online. WordPress Hosting offers WooCommerce as a pre-installed plugin, so it’s even easier to start selling.

Is WordPress Hosting suitable for agencies?

WordPress Hosting offers the ideal solution for web agencies that need to manage multiple WordPress sites. Clients can be assured of maximum website availability thanks to secure UK data centres, plus WordPress-optimised performance for ultra-fast page loads. It’s simple to run large numbers of WordPress sites from a single control panel, and volume discounts help to lower costs. Comprehensive technical support is also available 24/7.

Can I use WP-CLI on WordPress Hosting?

Yes, WP-CLI is available on our hosting platform. Advanced users can utilise this command-line interface to streamline the management of WordPress websites.

Can I use SSH on WordPress Hosting?

Yes, SSH is enabled on WordPress Hosting. As the standard way of accessing a server, SSH (Secure Shell) allows advanced WordPress functionality, such as the ability to manage files directly on the web server.

How secure is WordPress Hosting?

UK data centres ensure exceptional levels of security with access control, 24/7 monitoring and ISO 27001 certification. The latest hosting technology protects your WordPress site from online threats such as DDoS attacks, and Fasthosts performs continual malware scans on the platform. In addition, each WordPress site includes an SSL certificate free for one year, and automatic software updates ensure the newest security fixes are in place.

How can I get help with WordPress Hosting?

Fasthosts WordPress Hosting includes 24/7 technical support. If you need any help managing your WordPress package, our hosting experts are available to help by phone and online. Call us on +44 (0)333 0142 700 or visit our support site for more information.