Fasthosts Data Centres

Our UK data

Running on 100% renewable energy and packed with the latest hardware, our UK data centres are at the heart of the services we provide. And with our awesome new Tier IV centre in Worcester, things just keep getting better.

Powerful UK hosting

When it comes to your data, we keep it local with data centres in Gloucester, Worcester and London. Everything we do is for you and making sure your business runs on nothing but the best tech. That’s why we’ve got space for your data and more, with 100s of racks – and that’s just in our newest data centre! Each module is a data centre in itself, so a failure in one won’t cause a domino effect with other components. Redundancy and protection? We’ve got it.

Why are our data centres so incredible?

Trust us to look after your data, with data centres stacked full of amazing features.

Connected and high-quality

With geo-redundant 100Gb/s fibre optic connectivity to the UK and overseas, our data centres deliver exceptional connectivity and uptime. And our Worcester DC is Tier IV certified, ensuring 99.999% availability.

All about sustainability

Powered by 100% renewable energy, our data centres use solar panels and best-in-class power usage effectiveness. Plus, our Worcester data centre has electric car charging points, green roofs and bug hotels – going green never felt so good!

Flexible designs

We’re always thinking ahead. That’s why our data centres are high-capacity, meaning we have room for your data and more. Plus, our new data centre in Worcester has a modular design so that we’ll be able to expand even further over time.

Tier IV standard

Investing in a bigger and better data centre isn’t the only thing we’ve done. We’ve gone for gold and achieved the highest data centre certification out there.

  • 99.999% availability – meaning exceptional uptime and reliability
  • The highest levels of fault tolerance
  • Continuous cooling
  • Secure compartmentalisation

Green credentials

Our data centres are the best kind of green – they’re sustainable! We’re focused on reducing our impact on the environment wherever possible, so our data centres have been crammed full of features that do just that. And we’re always on the lookout for more things to add...

Powered by 100% renewable energy

Our data centres use 100% renewable electricity, as well as sustainable HVO biofuel (not diesel) for their generators. We also have an ISO50001 certificate for energy management, so the energy we do use is used in the best way possible.

Real energy efficiencies

A huge amount of care and attention went into making our data centres as energy efficient as possible, delivering a best-in-class power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.3 or less – now that’s impressive.

Solar panels

Solar photovoltaic panels cover the entire roof of our Worcester data centre to provide an additional source of renewable energy (524 kWp). Plus our London data centre runs on wind, hydro and solar energy.

Carbon-neutral architecture

Our Worcester data centre has been designed to make use of Tata Steel's Confidex Sustain wall and roof cladding to create a carbon-neutral envelope. In London, we use an approach that includes renewable power, innovative cooling systems, and heat capture.

Electric car charging points

To help employees and visitors make use of more sustainable transport, our Worcester data centre car park features charging points for electric vehicles.

It’s all in the detail

From green roofs and wood cladding on auxiliary buildings to sustainable landscaping and bug hotels, our data centres feature a wide range of built-in environmentally friendly features.

Only the best in security

Our top priority is keeping your data protected. We do that with the help of some impressive features. Only the best for your data.

ISO 27001 certified

Relax knowing your data is in safe hands. Our data centres are ISO 27001 certified, meaning they meet industry best-practicses for information security. So you can rely on top levels of data protection.

Physical security

Our data centres are stacked with security features, including 3.6m-high security fencing, perimeter protection, complete CCTV coverage, rigorous access control and an advanced intruder alarm system.

Fire safety first

We’re equipped to protect, with certified fire rated doors, walls and ceilings, and very early fire detection with aspirating smoke detection and high sensitivity sensors. Plus nitrogen fire suppression in critical rooms.

Read all about it

Our data centres are just one piece of our puzzle. If you want to hear more about the awesome work we do, including a bit of our history and the team of experts who’ve got us here, check out our about page. You’ll find everything you need to know and more. And if you’ve still got questions, our support team is here to help.