As you may be aware, cyber attacks are on the rise. It’s the reason so many businesses are in a rush to implement cybersecurity measures and protect themselves from cyber criminals. But like all things in the online realm, getting it wrong can have serious consequences.

To spare you from potentially costly errors, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 security mistakes that you should avoid making.

1. Using a weak password

Using a weak password (like ‘password’ or ‘12345’) is the equivalent of leaving your house key under a plant pot – as is using the same password for everything. Sure, it might be more convenient to use your mum's birthday for your socials, banking app, and email, but it’s an open invitation for hackers to steal your data. You're basically saying, 'Hey, come on in!'.

2. Not using 2FA

A strong password is like installing a lock on your door – it’s a good step, but anyone can break down the door. Add a security guard and your line of defense is immediately stronger. Secure all your accounts with two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) to make sure you're doing everything you can to protect your accounts. It requires the use biometrics (like your fingerprint or face) or a text code in addition to your password.

3. Clicking on unknown attachments

It can be tempting to click on every link and attachment that comes your way – especially if it looks like it’s your Nan sending you the snaps of her cats. But cyber criminals are crafty and they’re better at impersonating people and businesses than ever before (thanks, ChatGPT), so be cautious. If you know the sender, check with them separately. If it’s a well-known business, visit their website for official contact information.

4. Ignoring updates

We get it. Network and software updates can be disruptive – especially when you’re in the middle of perfecting your Minecraft world. But you can only skip them so many times before you become vulnerable to cyber attacks. If you notice that red exclamation mark on the update icon, it’s time to stay protected. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

5. Forgetting about training

Aside from using incredibly simple passwords and skipping major software updates, human error is one of the main causes of cyber attacks. This is exactly why businesses of all sizes are implementing cybersecurity training – and you should, too. Enroll your staff in an online course, create a cybersecurity checklist, or bring in an expert to make sure employees don’t make a mistake that could put your business at risk.

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