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eCommerce for artisans

ecommerce for artisans

In our last post we talked about marketplaces like Amazon and eBay which offer ways for businesses to sell online. These platforms give sellers a huge audience to market their products to.

However, for creative entrepreneurs wanting to sell artisanal goods these huge marketplaces are disadvantageous because the handmade product they’ve spent hours carefully crafting can be found on eBay for a fraction of the price, mass produced by a globalised factory assembly line.

That’s why these individuals avoid outlets like eBay and choose to sell their goods on bespoke handmade marketplaces like Etsy and, more recently, Handmade at Amazon.

Although Etsy and Handmade still offer the huge viewership and customer base, with 25 million active buyers on Etsy, their dedication to handmade products ensures that carefully crafted goods can be sold for prices that reflect the amount of time, effort and hard work that went into creating them.

The problem for the artisan is that whatever price the products are sold for, Etsy and Handmade will take a cut of that revenue. Etsy charges 16p per product listing, and keeps a 3.5% transaction fee of the listed price.

Handmade does not have a fee to list an item, but every sale comes with a 15% transaction fee that Amazon keeps. It’s free to create an Etsy account, but Handmade will soon require a $39.99 monthly subscription cost.

Losing up to 15% of every sale of a handmade product is a huge financial drain on those wanting to run a lucrative business through their creative endeavours.

The solution that more and more artisans are choosing is to skip the middle man and create their own eCommerce websites using packages such as eShop Builder from Fasthosts.

Selling from their own websites, artisan entrepreneurs get all of the profit. With packages starting from £25 per month, the only other investment is the time to create the website in the first place.

After spending hours upon hours creating the product by hand, artisan entrepreneurs won’t want to spend even more time creating a website from scratch.

But, with intuitive drag-and-drop customisation of a wide range of eCommerce website templates, eShop Builder makes it quick and easy to design a perfect eCommerce website, giving the artisan more time to create the handmade products they are selling.

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