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Snapshots, images and clones

When running tests or pushing updates or patches to your virtual machine, it’s good to have reass

Why use a load balancer?

You don’t have to be Stephen Hawking to get high numbers of website visits.

Plesk vs cPanel

When choosing between web hosting control panels, Plesk and cPanel are the primary contenders.

Supercharged web hosting in the cloud

Whether your website is taking a battering from too many users, or you just want to ensure smooth

The ideal platform for agencies?

But what kind of solutions do agencies actually use?

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Fasthosts launches platform as a service on CloudNX

Fasthosts Internet Ltd, a leading web and cloud hosting provider, has announced the addition of Managed Stacks and Applications to its virtualised technology portfolio.

Following last year’s successful launch of CloudNX servers, leading web hosting provider Fasthosts has built on this next-generation cloud platform to introduce an all-new range of virtualised services. Customers now have even more options when it comes to enterprise-level cloud computing, with servers, stacks and apps that can be dynamically deployed, flexed and scaled.

Windows Containers and what they can do

More and more developers are taking advantage of 

How to improve page load times on WordPress

Internet users are getting more and more impatient.



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