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Naming things

There’s a common joke in computing, usually attributed to Phil Karlton, Tim Bray, and Leon Bambri

POP3 vs IMAP: choosing the right email protocol

Email is transported across the internet by mail servers, which receive and deliver messages from

The future of the internet of things

We’ve recently discussed the ways of managing 

Big data and MapReduce

Big data is a big thing.

Instagram data breach

Last week Instagram revealed in a

Digging into the dark web

With all the recent news stories on the so-called ‘dark web’, you’d be forgiven for thinking of i

OAuth: the gold standard for authorisation

The internet is faster and more convenient than ever.

Update your SSL certificate

We’ve previously spoken about the importance of having a website supported by an

What is enterprise software?

It’s a widely-used term, but the full meaning of ‘enterprise software’ is hardly nailed-down.

How to protect from ransomware

Over the last few months there have been a series of ransomware attacks that affected both indivi



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