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How to bring out the best in WordPress

Love WordPress? You’re not alone.

Is cloud gaming the future?

It didn’t take long for video games to become a huge cultural force.

Fasthosts at PHP UK 2019

This year, in addition to being sponsors of the 14th annual

The brave new world of app localisation

Mobile devices are everywhere, and so are the apps that run on them.

That escalated quickly: how to prevent privilege escalation

Late last year, a major vulnerability was uncovered in the

Rent a game server with the latest technology

From CS:GO to Minecraft, Ark to DayZ – so many video games are at their best wh

Build trust as you build your website

Online security is built from the ground up.

Showrooming vs webrooming

“Online shopping is killing the high street” – an idea that’s repeated so often

Malvertising: when ads attack

Like it or not, advertising is a fact of life on the internet.

Designing for touch: the key considerations

As a smartphone user, one of the most frustrating experiences is when you tap o



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