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Building apps for emerging markets

Mobile internet usage is exploding across emerging markets – find out how your apps can be developed with ‘the next billion’ users in mind.

The impact of voice search on SEO

Alexa is a household name.

Strike out on your own with a CS:GO server

Video games are a premier form of entertainment, with a constantly expand

Website, app, or Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps make use of technology such as service workers to bridge the gap between web-based experiences and native apps. Find out more about PWAs.

The human aspect of cyber security

Advances in social engineering

Social engineering is the act of manipulating confidential

Let's Encrypt: do you get what you pay for?

Let’s Encrypt provides a free way to get HTTPS on your website. Here’s how free SSL certificates compare to paid options from premium certificate authorities.

Smash those bottlenecks with NVMe storage

Like a spinning hard disk, storage technology never stops moving for long.

From testing to production in the cloud

Launching a website, updating software, or just doing routine maintenance – vir

Cybersecurity breaches: have you been attacked?

In a recent study of UK businesses commissioned by Fasthosts and carried out by

Sassy web design with CSS preprocessors

CSS is a cornerstone of modern web design – it’s the style sheet language that



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