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Instagram data breach

Last week Instagram revealed in a

Digging into the dark web

With all the recent news stories on the so-called ‘dark web’, you’d be forgiven for thinking of i

OAuth: the gold standard for authorisation

The internet is faster and more convenient than ever.

Update your SSL certificate

We’ve previously spoken about the importance of having a website supported by an

What is enterprise software?

It’s a widely used term, but the full meaning of ‘enterprise software’ is hardly nailed-down.

How to protect from ransomware

Over the last few months there have been a series of ransomware attacks that affected both indivi

Cyber security breaches report

Every year the government conducts a study into cyber security of UK businesses.

The rise of blockchain technology

A blockchain is a new form of database, predicted by many to revolutionise finance and online bus

The internet of things and security issues

Things are always getting smarter – whether it’s your phone, your TV or even your toaster.

Will AI replace humans?

Artificial intelligence or AI is touted as one of the hottest tech trends.



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