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Evolution of the CPU: too much to process?

Whether it’s a laptop or desktop PC, or a high-powered server, microprocessors are at the core of

DDoS attacks and the future of cybercrime

When a big chunk of the

What the XSS is cross-site scripting?

Recently we highlighted the risks posed by

Progressive Web Apps: best of the web in an app

The humble webpage has traditionally had a rough time on phones and tablets.

What is an SQL injection attack?

This week saw more progress in the trial of a

Server security pointers

Shared hosting can be ideal for a wide variety of websites and projects, with the added benefits

Why use a password manager?

A few weeks ago

Bug bounty programs and white hat hackers

In a bid to keep their systems and data safer, big Silicon Valley technology companies like Faceb

How to choose a strong password

It’s becoming more and more common that when you sign up for any account online you see a passwor

Why software updates matter

Popular software is usually popular for a reason: it does its job well.



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