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Find out more about Spindogs' partnership with Fasthosts.

Spindogs built their reputation creating websites, apps and ecommerce sites, and have grown quickly through their creativity and relationship management. Spindogs receives over 3000 client requests each year.

The rapid growth of Spindogs and the digital marketing sector meant that the team needed to partner with a hosting provider that could support their growing client demand. Fasthosts met these requirements, and now provide Spindogs with 14 dedicated servers.


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Fasthosts: Spindogs’ choice for Dedicated Servers for over a decade

The latest case study to come from leading hosting supplier, Fasthosts, focuses on its continued commitment to digital agencies.

Cardiff-based digital marketing agency Spindogs (www.spindogs.co.uk) is a creative, results-driven digital agency which has seen significant growth since owner and Technical Director, David Morgan, set it up in 2004 with his university friends.

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