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The importance of good user interface design

A user interface is the way in which a user interacts with a device.

Update now to the most recent WordPress version

We have previously written about why it’s important to keep on top of

Supercharged web hosting in the cloud

Whether your website is taking a battering from too many users, or you just want to ensure smooth

Web frameworks: application building blocks

It goes without saying that web development isn’t easy.

Magento ecommerce websites

It’s an ecommerce powerhouse, and one of the most popular solutions for running an online shop.

Caching methods

Last week we discussed various ways in which to 

How to improve page load times on WordPress

Internet users are getting more and more impatient.

Client-side vs server-side scripting

Scripting is an integral part of web development.

The domain name market

On Friday, tech billionaire, philanthropist, visionary and all-round-good-guy Elon Musk announced

Website builder vs web design vs … nothing?

Anyone can create a website, but the end result depends on the tools you use.



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