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How the internet works: What's in a domain name?

In the first part of 

Optimising your website performance

In the run-up to Christmas especially, web users love to hop around from site to site.

How the internet works: An intro to IP

When you browse for a website on the internet you can find what you want instantly by entering th

Fasthosts’ ‘launch your own creative business’ competition

Fasthosts has announced a ‘launch your own creative business’ competition, targeted at the UK cra

What is new in PHP 7.2?

PHP 7.2 release date

The latest version of the popular scripting language PHP was release

HTTP/2: The future of a speedier internet

To those of us who live and breathe the internet it seems obvious that website performance matter

The importance of good user interface design

A user interface is the way in which a user interacts with a device.

Update now to the most recent WordPress version

We have previously written about why it’s important to keep on top of

Supercharged web hosting in the cloud

Whether your website is taking a battering from too many users, or you just want to ensure smooth

Web frameworks: application building blocks

It goes without saying that web development isn’t easy.



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