Planning on heading to a sun-soaked beach this summer? You better pack protection, because jellyfish aren’t the only stingers you need to watch out for…

Let’s dive headfirst into the top 4 cyber threats to watch out for this summer – plus what you can do to stay protected.

Don’t take the bait on phishing scams 

Beware of emails promising free piña coladas or a lifetime supply of inflatable dinosaur-shaped rubber rings. Phishing scams are on the rise – by 58% to be exact – with cyber criminals casting their nets far and wide. 

Fasthosts SPF: Always verify the sender’s email address and be cautious of spelling mistakes, dodgy grammar, and unexpected messages – especially those that seem too good to be true.

Be mindful of malware

Just like a 99 cone on a scorching summer day, your infrastructure is at risk of melting down from malware attacks. In fact, the threat has gotten so serious that Europol has launched their largest ever investigation into malware criminals – aptly titled “Operation Endgame.”

Fasthosts SPF: Don’t worry, there’s no need to dial 999 – simply keep your antivirus software up to date, steer clear of unverified links, and back your data up regularly.

Watch out for WiFi spies

Thinking of catching up on some emails while you’re poolside? Wait! That public WiFi might not be as secure as it seems. Cybercriminals can intercept your data through fake hotspots or unsecured networks – and holidaymakers are particularly susceptible.

Fasthosts SPF: Avoid accessing sensitive accounts on public WiFi, use a VPN to encrypt your info, or stick to mobile data for better security.

Say L8R to DDoS attacks

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack can crash your website quicker than a sudden shower brings down a barbecue. These attacks overwhelm your server with traffic, causing disruptions and potential financial losses. And a recent report showed that the threat was growing exponentially in EMEA.

Fasthosts SPF: Protect against them by installing a firewall and analysing network traffic for unusual activity.

Factor 50 protection guaranteed, with Fasthosts

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