Join the gym. Write a book. Run a marathon. We all do it – set unrealistic resolutions on the morning of January 1st after a couple (few) glasses of sherry and a rousing chorus of Auld Lang Syne roughly 8 hours and 4 ibuprofen earlier. So this year, why not give yourself a slightly more realistic task for 2017 and start a new business.

That sounds like a larger task than simply joining the gym, but you can do it - I believe in you. Over the course of the year you might’ve had flashes of inspiration, or an idea for a lucrative business, and somehow, on January 1st, there’s something in the cosmos that makes dreams seem more achievable. Maybe it’s the act of hanging a fresh, blank calendar on the kitchen fridge that inspires people to set goals as a way of filling the columns of empty boxes under ‘Monday’. Maybe when you write the date as ‘2016’ and have to scribble it out and write ‘2017’ instead, the definitive crossing out of the year rouses you to leave ’16 behind and embrace ’17.

Well, we’d like to make your dream more realistic as well.

Creating a business website will be a large part of your startup enterprise, but Ecommerce Website Builder makes the process of creating an online store as simple as possible. With drag-and-drop customisation of up to 100 ready-made templates, it’s easy to get your online store looking exactly how you want it, with no need for knowledge of coding or design.

Ecommerce Website Builder comes with everything you need to start selling online, including free, business-class email, as well a free web address. Also included in eShop Builder are tools for marketing and search engine optimisation, so you can start to promote your products to potential customers. Adding products, managing orders and taking payments can all be done from a simple, easy-to-use control panel.

This makes it easy for you to succeed in your resolution, set up your own business website, and start to sell online. Head over to the Fasthosts website for more information about Ecommerce Website Builder.