Can you smell that? No, it’s not blooming daffodils or your leftover Easter chocolate – it’s the sweet sweet smell of e-commerce opportunity!

Spring means lighter nights, sunnier days (ish) and an uplift in consumer spending. According to the Intelligent Reach platform, total product clicks for online shopping channels in the first 2 weeks of spring were 50% higher than the year before.

Time to seize the season by giving your website and strategy the spring clean it needs…

This time of year is an absolute hot bed for events that can turn even the most stubborn consumer into a trigger-happy spender. Whether it’s Easter, yet another bank holiday or just daylight savings, consider how you can refresh your existing offering to reflect those dates. 

Take the initiative to launch an entirely new product or service for a limited time. Remember, the mood amongst consumers is underpinned by a buzz for summer too, as preparations for hot weather and holidays gain traction. Give the people what they want and reap the rewards!

Spring clean your site

We all love that post-spring clean feeling! The same goes for the visuals and copy on your website. So, out with the old and in with the new – higher conversions are waiting…

You have less than 15 seconds to capture someone’s attention when they click on your website, which means the last thing users want to see is old decor and Christmas copy. People trust a visually appealing, up-to-date website. While behind-the-times aesthetics not only come across as unprofessional, they might even lead people to think your business has clocked off!

Hop-timise for mobile

It’s unlikely you built your website using a mobile phone. But you wouldn’t be the first ecommerce business to forget that the humble communications vessel in your pocket isn’t so humble anymore.

Over 60% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. And with more consumers shopping in spring, optimising your user experience is a no-brainer. Start by adopting a responsive design that can adapt to any screen, or potentially even taking a mobile-first approach. Then change your features for lower processing power and a smaller screen size – optimise or remove large images files, increase page speed and minimise pop-ups. 

Put a spring in your SEO strategy

SEO optimisation should be a year-round focus, but even more so when you're in the process of spring cleaning your website. Stay SEO-sonal by adapting your keyword research and strategy in line with the changes you make.

Think about what your audience is searching for, and choose keywords carefully with this in mind, as well as any that are relevant to your seasonal offers.

Offer eggcellent deals

Deals for deals’ sake just don’t make sense. Well-thought out deals that are based on clear objectives on the other hand are key to maximising profits.

This might involve a clever alignment with your consumers’ seasonal behaviours to strike while the iron’s hot, like a holiday-prep themed bundle deal, for example. On a more practical note, you can make consumers an offer they can’t refuse with the likes of flash sales, clearances, and discounts on old winter stock or low-performing items. 

Grow your customer base

The financial hangover from Christmas has finally subsided. And as the sun begins to creep out, so do consumers from behind their winter budgets. This is the ideal time to remind them who you are, loud and proud, and renew loyalty for another year.

Focus on what sets you apart, giving people a compelling reason to choose you. But first you’ve got to reach them. So get your marketing cogs turning, update your engagement strategies and capture more data. For example, launch a newsletter or offer first-time-buyer discounts via a website pop-up!

Spring forward with Fasthosts

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