Understanding your customers can feel like a never-ending puzzle and those in charge of marketing need to be the ultimate problem solvers. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the constant changes, don’t go anywhere!

We’ve picked out some of the top marketing trends for 2023, so you can skip the endless research and dive straight into the creative stuff.

1. Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT seems to be all anyone's talking about at the moment. The AI-powered chat bot is taking the world by storm and revolutionising how marketers gather customer insights. It’s a game-changer for identifying competitors, building audience personas and uncovering unique opportunities to stand out in your niche.

All it takes is a question – you just need to know what to feed it. Remember, the more specific you are, the better.

Give these prompts a try:

  • I own a fashion company in London. Give me a list of five big competitor brands and tell me a little bit about what they're offering.
  • I want to start a wedding photography business in the UK. Can you give me info on the demographic I should target?
  • I sell video game figures. Are there any unique selling points that other brands in the space don’t currently have?

2. Mobile-friendly surveys

If you’re a marketer, the chances are you’ve made a survey or two. They’re great to capture customer insights, while also being fairly cheap and easy to make. But are you creating them for the right device? These days everyone and their dog is glued to their phones, so it’s no surprise that most surveys are filled out on mobile devices.

To boost completion rates and reach your target audience (especially those with 10-second attention spans), you’ll need to design mobile-friendly surveys. This can be easily done on platforms like SurveyPlanet or with the WordPress plugin Survery Maker.

3. Video content marketing

Seeing as we’re all addicted to our phones, it’s no surprise that video marketing is becoming increasingly popular. The younger generation is much more likely to interact with a short video on Instagram or TikTok than a long Facebook post. And millennials are more than twice as likely to create a post and tag a brand on TikTok – which is great for brand awareness.

The comments section is also an easy way to gauge sentiment and gather valuable customer feedback and opinions. Just don’t take the mean ones to heart.

4. Social media

Everyone’s on social media (even us). A lot of people treat their channels like a diary, sharing their likes and dislikes – a gold mine for collecting customer insights in real time.

That’s precisely why businesses and freelancers constantly monitor social media posts and conversations to see what people are saying about their brand, industry and specific topics. Hashtags and keywords come in handy here, but it can be difficult to keep track of mentions. That is unless you have the right tools.

Stay in the loop

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