‘Twas the month before Christmas, and all through LinkedIn, companies had launched their festive marketing. The copy was crafted with utmost care, in the hopes that customers would like and reshare.

The CEOs were nestled all snug in their beds, while Boxing Day deals danced in their heads. And marketers with design briefs, and I, with my plan, had just settled down to get ready for Jan…

Why festive marketing works 

Whether we love or hate them, festive campaigns are an invaluable part of any marketing plan worth its salt. When done right, they have the power to capture our imagination, make us laugh and cry, and – most importantly – loosen our purse strings. So, as planning your Christmas becomes a priority, here are 5 marketing campaigns we think everyone can take inspiration from…

Source: The Guardian

1. Aldi’s iconic Kevin the Carrot

Vegetables just got cool again. Since making his TV debut back in 2016, Aldi’s very own anthropomorphic carrot has become almost synonymous with Christmas itself. Perhaps his most memorable appearance came alongside Ebanana Scrooge in 2021.

Nowadays, you’ll find Kevin popping up all over Aldi’s social accounts, website, and even as a cuddly toy that you can buy in-store (though you’d be hard-pressed to get your hands on one these days).

What can we learn from this? People resonate best with characters they know and love – human or not!

Source: Bristol Live

2. Coca-Cola, a timeless classic

As one of the longest-running Christmas adverts to date, folks young and old will feel festive nostalgia over the sight of the Coca-Cola truck. The iconic ‘holidays are coming’ ad first appeared on our TV screens in 1995 and has since remained relatively unchanged. But recent years have seen Coca-Cola take this truck on the road, for a clever bit of guerilla marketing.

A classic is a classic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t inject some new creativity into your annual campaign.

Source: Mascola

3. A safety message from Heineken 

The holidays may be a time for festive joy and merriment, but they also come with a warning, particularly around drinking and driving. Beer manufacturer, Heineken, understood this all too well. Their 2009 Christmas campaign focused on spreading a simple public safety message wrapped up in a humorous bow.

Just because your messaging is serious doesn’t mean your ad campaigns have to be.

Source: AdStasher

4. John Lewis’s annual tearjerker

If you’re anything like us, Christmas hasn’t really started unless you’ve spent the day balling over the most recent John Lewis advert. The luxury British retailer has made a name for itself as one of the best festive advertisers in the business, with each year’s offering becomes an instant classic. Special shoutouts go to 2015’s ‘Man on the Moon’ and 2012’s ‘The Snowman’.

Feelings stick with you long after you’ve forgotten what you felt so strongly about, so don’t be afraid to get emotional with your audience.

Source: Sainsbury's

5. Sainsbury’s 1914 Christmas

On the face of it, this ad could have easily flopped. It’s themed around Remembrance Day, takes on a sombre topic, and doesn’t show any of Sainsbury’s actual products. But despite everything, this will always resonate with us as one of the most iconic campaigns ever put out by a supermarket chain. And it tells a heartwarming story at the same time.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk with a good idea, even if you’re not sure how it fits into your brand identity as a whole.

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