Competitiveness is an inherent trait of humans, and a new system implemented into the Fasthosts Customer Support teams utilises it to encourage and reward employees.

Everyone naturally gets a burst of satisfaction from a job well done, but by turning the job into a game, there are extra incentives to perform.

How does it work?

After a customer query is handled by a support agent, the customer receives a survey asking for their feedback on the efficacy of their service, and is asked how likely they are to recommend the company. This survey has long been in place, but gamifying the results of it has revitalised the process.

Each support agent in a team is ranked against the average score of the other members of their team and awarded points accordingly.

What do points mean?

The points can be stored, saved, or spent in the ‘Auction House’. The auction house is a bidding system much like eBay – only with a different currency, and much less-extensive catalogue of goods – where employees can exchange their accrued points for, you guessed it, prizes.

Prizes range from consumer goods like Fitbits and high-street vouchers to on-the-job perks like an on-site parking pass or an extra day’s holiday. As well as competing against colleagues for the points, support agents also compete against each other for the prizes by trying to outbid each other for prizes listed on the auction site.

Why gamify support teams?

The logic behind the new gamified support system is win-win. Or, more accurately, win-win-win.

  1. The support agents feel an extra incentive, and feel rewarded and satisfied
  2. The customer gets a better service, as queries are answered quicker and more accurately
  3. Happy customers and happy employees is ultimately good for the company

Let’s break it down piece by piece (by piece).

Motivated employees

Depending on personality types, different employees are motivated by different aspects of the game. Some will want to out-perform their friends on team leader boards, or some might be more spirited to exchange their points for the prizes on offer. But gamification has proved to make staff more productive and engaged with their work. As well, although it is essentially a competition, the customer support game has improved comradery and morale between co-workers as they all jostle for position on the leader board.

Satisfied customers

As employees have that extra incentive to give the highest quality support possible, the customer queries are answered with more proficiency. It’s a positive-feedback loop: better query handling leads to better feedback to the support agent, which leads to more points, which leads to increased competition, which leads to overall better query handling, and so on ad infinitum.

Happy company

Ultimately, if customers are happy and employees are happy, then the company will feel the benefits. As well as the obvious financial advantages that come from happy customers, the implementation of the customer support game could lead to improved employee retention, and higher ratings on external review sites – that’s the idea, at least.

If you’re a Fasthosts customer looking for help with a query, please contact our customer support teams on 0333 0142 700 – and don’t forget to leave a review!