If you've taken to the internet to suss out the email hosting options for your business, you've probably run into Microsoft Exchange. Exchange email has been kicking around the email scene for quite some time, and is the world's leading business email solution.

What is Microsoft Exchange?

In March 1996, Microsoft announced the launch of their brand new client-server groupware: Microsoft Exchange. Built to enhance connectivity and organisation for its users, the Microsoft platform provided a new way to access emails and contacts, as well as complete processes such as task management and calendaring, from a range of electronic devices.

Whilst not exactly the holy grail of modern technology that it was in 1996, Exchange is still going strong today, existing as a business-focused email server solution that helps keep your emails properly synced up with your email app, like Microsoft Outlook.

What is an Exchange server and how does it work?

A Microsoft Exchange server is effectively an organisational hub. Favoured by academic organisations, and businesses of all sizes, it allows for the storage and organisation of large amounts of email contacts which, for most businesses, is an undeniable godsend. Not only this, but an Exchange server comes with plenty of other advantages, like enabling users to manage tasks, create schedules and edit calendars.

Exchange email works by using an Exchange server to ensure that any local actions taken on a device, such as sending an email, are then replicated on the corresponding server so that everything stays up to date.

Key Advantages of MS Exchange Servers


Exchange servers make working as a team seamless. This is thanks to Exchange's synchronisation across shared folders, documents, and mailboxes. This allows teams to collaborate effortlessly, staying connected no matter where they are, or what device they're using. A simple way to take your projects to the next level.


As your business grows, so too can your MS Exchange experience. It's easy to add more mailboxes to your exchange email hosting, including our standard email options for businesses on a budget. Plus, these mailboxes can be accessed from anywhere, on any device.


Exchange is extremely secure, with built-in security defences that prevent threats from getting into your inbox and causing damage. It also prevents data leaks, and archives sensitive information whilst following all governmental regulations.

Data Protection

One concern with free email packages is that your data may be sold onto third parties. With exchange email, your data is kept safe and secure, with spam filters and antivirus protection also included. So your data will be safe as houses.


Email should be accessible to everyone. That's why MS exchange comes with a variety of accessibility options built-in. These include text-to-speech, keyboard shortcuts, and more. The same goes for the Microsoft Office suite of products.

Is Exchange Email right for me?

Now that you know what an Exchange server is, the next question to ask is, is Exchange Email right for my business? Hosted exchange email has plenty of benefits to offer, making it perfect for busy organisations of any size. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft 365 suite. Buy now, and get Exchange Email for £1 for the first 3 months.