If you run a web agency and you’re looking to expand your range of services, you may have thought about hosting websites. But how exactly could it benefit you and your clients? From increasing revenue to boosting customer satisfaction, find out why we think web hosting could be the perfect add-on for agencies.

1. Gain a regular income

While many agency projects involve one-off payments for individual tasks, web hosting gives you a more reliable revenue stream, similar to a subscription plan. This is a great way to boost your monthly income and the retainer can act as a buffer during quieter spells.

You should also list 'web hosting' and 'site maintenance' as separate services to make sure you are paid for any “quick edits” you’re asked to make after you’ve finished the initial job. Otherwise, you could find yourself giving your time away for free and that's not great.

2. Provide everything in one place

Clients often employ agencies because they’re either not technically minded and they want you to manage their online presence or they simply just don't have the time to juggle everything themselves. If you’re able to provide an end-to-end service, rather than just one aspect like web design, your brand will be more attractive to them as they can get everything they need in one place. After all, every website needs hosting, so if you have links to a great provider, you’re surely onto a winner!

3. Easy to set up and maintain

Worried you don’t know enough about web development? Web hosting for agencies is actually much simpler than you might think. Hosting providers make it easy to get your clients online and provide technical support if there are any issues. They also carry out server updates and ensure data is secure, so once everything’s up and running, you shouldn’t need to carry out much maintenance at all. If and when you do, it’ll be much easier if you’re working with a host you’re familiar with.

4. Potential for cross-selling

Having monthly retainers in place also means that you’ll be in regular contact with your clients. Whether you’re sending reports or answering their queries, over time you’ll build up a relationship with them. If they’re satisfied with your support, you’ll be right at the front of their mind for help with other projects, enabling you to cross-sell to them. Plus, after selling one service, you could even try promoting web hosting as a discounted add-on!

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