The latest instalment of WordPress is on its way! And it’s jam-packed with incredible features, like more design tools, accessibility improvements and a brand new lightbox function. With a target release date of 7th November, make sure you’re ready for WordPress 6.4 by getting up to speed with all that’s to come.

Flexible default theme

A new default theme, titled ‘Twenty Twenty-Four’, will bring a whole host of opportunities to the update. With its diverse range of uses, truly any site can utilise it in some way. This includes a new collection of templates and patterns, plus it emphasises how you can use the latest design tools and editing features to get your site looking exactly how you want it. So whether you’re a lawyer or a baker, there’s something in there for you.

Font library

Fancy mixing it up and having fun with fonts across your site, no matter your theme? Luckily you can, with the addition of the Font Library. This feature works similarly to how the Media Library does for images, plus it includes Google Fonts.

With the lightbox function available for image blocks, your visuals have never looked better. After adding your images, you can now open and enlarge them without leaving the page, for fully immersive viewing.

More design tools

Designing your site has never been easier (and fun!) with these design tools:

  • Background images for Group blocks – you can get creative with dynamic custom layouts.
  • Aspect ratios for image placeholders – this is perfect for when you want to create and use patterns.
  • Button and heading colour customisation – available in Group and Column blocks so that everything can match to your theme and brand.
  • Alignment settings in synced patterns – for a seamless site editing experience, the alignment will remain intact when creating.
  • Custom categories for your patterns – finding your patterns is simpler than ever, with customisable categories. Organise things exactly how you like it.

Writing enhancements

Take the stress out of content writing. WordPress 6.4 brings you new keyboard shortcuts, reliable pasting, smoother list merging and better control over your link settings. So getting your message across and keeping things organised doesn’t have to be a chore.

Over 60 accessibility improvements

Accessibility updates are an important factor to consider with every update. WordPress has taken this into account and included over 60 of them! From better button placements and List View enhancements to upgrades to admin user interfaces, 6.4 has got it covered.

Block hooks

This feature means that plugins can automatically insert blocks into content that’s relative to the block. For example, you’ve used the ‘Post Content’ block and would like to add a ‘Like’ button. This can be inserted automatically straight after the block.

Honourable mentions

There’s tons more to look forward to with WordPress 6.4 and we’d be here all day if we mentioned all of them! If you’d like a full breakdown of what’s on offer, check out the WordPress official podcast

But for now, here’s a few honourable mentions to leave you with:

  • List view – new gallery and image previews give you a great way to browse your media assets,
  • Updates to Command Palette – breeze through your workflow and find exactly what you need, when you need it.
  • Template loading performance improvements.
  • Optimisation of the autoloaded options.

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