Cloud computing has a huge range of practical uses. With the latest web hosting technology, you can build and manage pretty much any online project you can imagine. An obvious example is your own website – but what if you want to create and maintain a platform for other people?

Web hosting resellers come in all shapes and sizes, from small design agencies creating websites for their clients, to larger resellers offering a complete experience for end-users, including white-labelled login and control panel features.

But for any hosting reseller, whether they’re just starting out or they’ve been reselling for years, it’s not always easy to stay informed of the best technology for delivering value to clients.

Web hosting for agencies and resellers

For web design agencies building websites and developing projects for their clients, standard web hosting could offer the ideal solution. Shared hosting can easily provide as much web space as you need to house client projects, making it possible to create hundreds of websites on popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

With Web Hosting from Fasthosts, resellers get unlimited web space in UK data centres, as well as unlimited bandwidth. The latest clustered hosting architecture makes the platform 100% fault-tolerant, and ensures that your clients’ websites won’t be competing for performance during traffic spikes.

Dedicated servers provide a more powerful option to resellers and agencies, with your own hardware set aside in a data centre, to be allocated as you see fit. With dedicated hardware, your clients can be assured a certain level of performance for demanding applications and high traffic volumes. Fasthosts Dedicated Server Resellers can now get up to 20% off, alongside a choice of operating system, and 99.99% guaranteed uptime.

Reselling from the cloud

Cloud resellers benefit from the flexibility and scalability that only a cloud infrastructure can provide. Whether you’re building multiple websites for clients on a single virtual machine, or one client needs an entire cloud server to themselves, a next-gen platform like CloudNX is the perfect choice.

The nature of the cloud lets agencies and resellers fine-tune the resources available to each client. Think of it like your own personal data centre – you can provision or shut down as many VMs as you need to. And if one of your high-value customers needs more or less performance to cope with temporary demand, it’s a simple case of tweaking CPUs, RAM and SSD storage on the fly.

It can be tempting to stick with tried and tested technology, especially when it comes to the sensitive data of your clients. But don’t be put off by the idea that the cloud is somehow ‘less secure’ than other forms of web hosting. Compared to shared hosting and virtual private servers, there is no inherent weakness associated with scalable virtual machines in the cloud.

If anything, the latest cloud technology will be more secure than older VPS solutions. Cloud servers can be safeguarded with firewall and VPN features, and with the ability to give each of your clients their own SSL certificate, you can ensure maximum website security. At Fasthosts, all CloudNX servers are hosted at high-security data centres with 24/7 monitoring.

For hosting resellers and web agencies, the cloud also delivers minimal risk in the shape of pay-as-you-use pricing. As business fluctuates over time, it’s not always simple to anticipate how much server space you’ll need a few months down the line. With CloudNX, you can personally configure your cloud servers and only pay for the performance required. There’s no contract, no upfront payment, and no barrier to start serving your clients from our cloud platform.

White label hosting and more

White label web hosting is designed for resellers who want to provide a consistent experience with their own branding. If you want to let your clients know that you’re backed by a major provider like Fasthosts, no problem, but many resellers prefer to keep their hosting behind the scenes. This is where white-labelling comes in.

All our products are white-labelled by default, so your clients never see a Fasthosts logo. If you give them the option, they can log in and manage their projects via their own control panel, complete with your own personal branding. We also provide a full range of white-label guides to help your clients get the most from our products.

Flexibility is also a key consideration for hosting resellers and agencies. If you offer a complete web design service including hosting and maintenance, your clients might not need to log in and tinker with their sites. On the other hand, your service might be based around complete control for the end-user. Fasthosts Resellers can easily create customised packages and manage client resources, all from their Reseller account control panel.

Thinking of becoming a hosting reseller? Fasthosts products offer countless opportunities for resellers and agencies looking to expand their services. And with help on hand 24/7 from our dedicated Reseller Support Team, expert technical advice is always available. Just visit our Hosting Resellers page to find out more.