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Increase your online security with a password manager

Password Security

A few weeks ago we talked about password strength meters, how they work, and what the key factors are in creating safe, long, and memorable passwords. There is however an alternative method for ensuring a safe and secure online password. Or, rather, a collection of safe and secure passwords.

Password managers like LastPass and Dashlane save your collection of passwords in one convenient and secure location. They can also generate random passwords for you that can be copied to the clipboard and stored within the password manager.

We said in the previous post that a random string password containing numbers, letters, varying cases and symbols like ADF%$gwsdfgsdge5te45yFgxdfgsDFSDGSDFgsdfgfsdg54gsfgsdfgs2343£$?%”£$%”£? was definitely a strong, and secure password, but you’d never remember it. Password managers do the memory bit for you. You don’t have to sit there at the log in screen thinking, “Was it a capital G, or a lowercase G before the ampersand? Actually, was it an ampersand or a percentage sign?” instead, just load up your password manager.

The downside is that you have to actually remember the password that gets you into your password manager, but once you’re in you’ve got access to them all. A kind of ‘One Password to rule them all’ situation, if you will. Some password managers include an option for biometric entry through fingerprint scanning, but if you follow the tips outlined in the previous article you should be able to secure your vault with a memorable and strong password.

It’s suggested that you keep a different, unique password for every site with which you have an account. Password managers allow you to do this with ease. Most of them will generate passwords based on the requirements of the site (length, case, numbers, etc.) and allow you to copy the password from the manager to the website. They will even audit your passwords to check for duplicates or if any old ones need updating.

Some premium features of password managers include the option to sync your passwords between devices, so your passwords are transferable between your phone, your tablet and your desktop. As an added extra, some will securely store your bank account information and auto-fill your card details when you try to buy something online. It’ll even save a screenshot of the receipt for you in a ‘digital wallet’.

Password security is vital in the online world, and password managers make it a little bit safer, and a little bit easier.

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