For the avid PC gamers out there, you’ll most likely be familiar with Discord. Discord allows users to message, call and video call one another. Although Discord can be used by anyone, gamers and non-gamers, the most popular use of this application is to communicate whilst gaming.

Discord bots can be added to your Discord server to implement a load of cool features and functions. There really is a bot for everyone, but what actually is a Discord bot?

What is a Discord bot?

Powered by AI, Discord bots help to automate tasks on your Discord server. There are lots of different features bots can employ to help fulfil tasks without your manual help. Popular Discord bots can do things such as: play music on demand, monitor voice control and analyse server data. Discord bots are also able to communicate with gaming servers, such as Minecraft servers, and build a connection. They really are a great addition to your Discord server and are great for automation.

How do developers make Discord bots?

Developers can make their own Discord bots through the use of a Discord API. An application programming interface, or API, offers developers an interface in which they can communicate with Discord in order to build bots. Developers can then go ahead and create a bot of their choosing. However, a developer will be required to create their own programming alongside the use of a Discord API.

Can you host a Discord bot on a VPS?

Yes, it is possible to host a Discord bot on your virtual private server. By running your bot on a VPS you can keep it online 24/7, and that means absolutely no downtime.

How to make your own Discord bot

Making your own Discord bot requires a certain level of programming knowledge, so we wouldn’t recommend this for beginners. Using your choice of programming language, such as JavaScript or Python 3, you can set up your own bot with ease. All you need to get started is a pre-existing Discord server, a text editor, and your choice of a programming tool.

Step 1: Turn on developer mode

First, log yourself into your Discord account, and then click the ‘Advanced’ section on the left side panel. From here you can switch on ‘Developer Mode’, and then you’ll need to select ‘Discord API’.

Step 2: Choose applications

In the Developer Portal, select ‘Applications’, which is located on the left, and then log into your Discord once again. You’ll then need to create a new application.

Step 3: Name and create

On your new application, you’re given the option to name your bot. Go ahead and do this, then click ‘Create’.

Step 4: Add bot

You now need to click on ‘Bot’ in the left side panel, and choose the ‘Add Bot’ option. This means you’ll be able to form a bot token and a bot account (make a note of your bot token).

Step 5: Programme your bot

This step will require prior programming knowledge, your chosen text editor, and your programming tool. After you have completed the bot programme, save the file.

Step 6: Set the details

Going back into Developer Mode, find ‘General Information’ on the left side panel and set your app icon and description.

Step 7: Set bot permissions

Underneath ‘General Information’ you will find ‘OAuth2’. In the section ‘scopes’ tick the box ‘bot’, you’ll then be able to select the permissions for your Discord bot.

You will receive an authentication link, and this link will include your client ID. This link will then need copying, as you’ll need it when adding your bot to your Discord server.

Step 9: Add to Discord server

Select your Discord server, and use your link to add in your bot.

How to set up a pre-programmed Discord bot

For those not well-versed in programming, a pre-programmed Discord bot can be used instead. Setting this up is marginally easier than creating your own from scratch. Let us walk you through it:

Step one: Use a Bot list website

Bots can be found on websites such as, and you simply select which one you want, are taken to the bot’s page, and then you can download it.

Step 2: Invite your Discord bot to your server

Once downloaded, you will need to invite your bot to your Discord server by clicking on ‘Invite’. Then go ahead and log into your Discord server.

Step 3: Grant permissions

A pop-up will appear, and you will be able to choose the server you want your Discord bot adding to. Then you’ll need to grant any necessary permissions.

Step 4: Use your bot

Now your bot will be available to use on your server!

If you’re interested in owning your own gaming server or VPS, we have both on offer. If you already own a VPS and need help adding a Discord bot, our support team is more than happy to assist you. For extra information on our products and services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.