It’s a busy time for everyone, especially business owners, so we wouldn’t blame you if you don’t have time to create the perfect Christmas marketing designs for all your customers. Good news is there’s a digital friend who’s rising in popularity and can help you out – AI. 

We’ve used the popular AI tool, Adobe Firefly, to generate some fun Christmas images you could use in your festive marketing. Plus, we’ve included how you could utilise them and the prompts we used to get them. 

Prompt: christmas scene, picturesque, mountains

Email headers

Your customers probably have inboxes stuffed with generic, Christmas sales emails, all advertising products that are ‘50% off for a limited time only!’. So it wouldn’t be surprising if yours stays unread with the rest of them. But how can you make sure you stay out of the bin folder? If you want a more in-depth look at how to craft professional business emails to stand out, we’ve got a blog post on that. However, for Christmas, you need to do something a little more special. 

Take this wintery mountain scene for example. This prompt provided some interesting images, including one where the house was merging with a tree, but this was our favourite. When sending out holiday emails, whether for marketing or just wishing customers a Merry Christmas, making your imagery atmospheric is always a win. And you could even include an image in the footer or signature of your email to end on a fun note.

Prompt: Christmas town, santa, elves, presents, lights, snow, festive

Images for socials

Anyone who’s used a software like Adobe Firefly knows it isn’t known for its realistic people, let alone elves. So if you can look past the slightly blurred faces, this could make quite a sweet post to go on your social media. Maybe you’ve got a Christmas blog post to promote or you want to share how your office has been celebrating the season. Socials are the perfect place to get Christmassy and have fun with it! 

You could even pair your image with a short story and weave some marketing in there if you’re feeling extra creative! 

Prompt: a reindeer leading a sleigh , moon and stars on night sky


It took us many refreshes and strange, reindeer-sleigh hybrids before we finally got this image. Hopefully when sending your customers e-cards you won’t have the same trouble! Because nobody wants a monster-style reindeer in their inbox.

Whether you’ve got a Christmas event you’d like to invite customers to, or you just want to wish them a Happy Christmas, it’s nice to pair that message with an image they’ll remember. And letting them know you’re thinking of them over Christmas, even while you’re away from your desk, is a nice touch.

Prompt: christmas tree, presents, warm atmosphere, fire

Merry Christmas, from Fasthosts

We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and successful marketing emails all year!

If your plan this year is to get creative with emails, we’ve got Email Hosting just for you! Personalise every email with your domain name, so your customers know exactly who’s sending them festive cheer. Plus, you’ll get email access on the go, 2x email addresses included and 24/7 support. 

If you’ve got any questions, please get in touch with our support team. They’re around 24/7 to help. Give us a call on 0333 0142 700 or message us via live chat. 

Happy Holidays!