So you think your website is pretty great? Your landing page presents a clear customer journey, the design is dynamic and quick to load, and your blog content is tailored to guide readers through your marketing funnel. The grass is green, and the birds are tweeting. Everything is as it should be.

Except no one's around to see it.

Regardless of how brilliant your website is, if it’s not being seen by anyone, it’s not up to scratch. So, here are 7 ways you can give your site visits a boost.

1. Supercharge SEO

Getting SEO right could skyrocket your sales. And getting to the top 5 results on the search engine results page (SERP) could result in 75% of the clicks

So, how do you rank among the best?

  • Monitor your search engine ranking each month
  • Conduct competitor search engine analysis
  • Identify keywords to optimise and add them to meta tags, title tags, and URLs 
  • Improve local visibility with relevant keywords and your business address
  • Increase internal links and backlinks leading to your website

2. Get direct with your customers

They’re just about to hit ‘checkout’ when… No! The doorbell rings. Sale interrupted and worse, abandoned. Your customers lead busy lives and sometimes they need a nudge to continue with their purchase.

Set your website up with touchpoints and forms to gather contact information, made easy with Mailchimp or WordPress. Create an engaging email strategy that encourages lapsed or existing customers to finish their purchases, enticing them with exclusive offers.

3. Do your keyword research

Yes, yes, we’ve already mentioned keywords. But they’re just that important. 

Depending on your marketing budget, targeting different keywords will boost your chances of getting in front of potential customers. And research can be so easy with tools like Fasthosts SEO Manager or SEMRush.

Sprinkle relevant words into your organic website content, but don’t compromise readability. Search engines prioritise quality over quantity.

4. Content marketing is key

SEO is vital, but it isn’t everything. Your potential customers want relevant, valuable, and helpful content.

Convincing landing pages or paid ads isn’t enough. You need to support the entire customer journey with engaging content that builds your brand and sets you apart from competitors.

So, get creative! It doesn’t always have to be a brand-new blog or social post. You could create educational videos or start a podcast. Don't be afraid to use your imagination and do the things your competitors aren't doing.

5. Don’t be a slow-poke

It’s not a nice feeling when your audience arrives on your website only to take a scornful glance around and swiftly leave. But don’t take it personally! High bounce rates usually mean something's wrong.

Loading speeds are one of the biggest culprits for visitors leaving quickly, with 79% of consumers saying they wouldn’t return to a slow-loading website. Optimising your page for good performance is the first step to being a good host.

6. Cash in on PPC

It might take a chunk of your budget, but PPC guarantees quick rewards and improves engagement levels more effectively than organic SEO. But it’s not a ‘Get Out Of Jail’ card to skimp on creativity. A good ad still needs a convincing CTA to get users to your site and staying there.

When another website links to your site, it’s called a backlink. It’s like a recommendation and impacts potential customers’ perceptions of your company. 

To get the ball rolling, try linking to your website in relevant places, e.g. online forums, articles, or reviews. Or maybe reach out to potential partners who might be willing to include a link to your site in their content.

Get up to speed fast with Fasthosts

Congratulations! You’re well on your way to boosting website traffic. And if you need extra support, our Online Marketing Suite is here to serve.

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