How do you know Christmas really is coming? The ads are out in force! But it’s not all about a certain big name department store. There’s tons of fun, festive favourites to enjoy and get us in the holiday mood. We’ve compiled just 5 of our favourites and what you can take from them to apply to your own holiday marketing strategy. 

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Aldi – Kevin the Carrot

Starting off with a consistent classic, Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot has been a family favourite since his first appearance in 2016. Over the years he’s gained a family and friends along the way to welcome in the Christmas season. He began his hunt for Santa 7 years ago in an adorable advert and in 2023 he continues to warm the hearts of millions.

This year, Kevin goes on a ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ inspired adventure, with brand new character William Conker. They showcase Aldi’s festive favourites, all narrated by English icon Jim Broadbent. The narration in the style of a poem, paired with the new characters providing nostalgia of a childhood classic can’t help but bring a smile to our faces. 

Lesson – If you’re looking to guarantee festive cheer with your marketing campaign, play on your audience’s nostalgic, childish side. People love to be reminded of things they enjoyed as a child, so why not sprinkle in a bit of that magic? And make your marketing even more memorable with a lovable mascot. Because who doesn’t love a talking carrot?

Source: YouTube

Tesco – Become more Christmas

Tesco gave us all the feels this year with the story of a Christmas-obsessed family and their not so festive teenage son. Set to OMC’s ‘How Bizarre’ we see a father taking his son shopping in Tesco and enjoying all the treats on offer, before he transforms into a Christmas tree. The son looks on in gloomy, teenage disgust, something we can all relate to in one way or another. As the ad continues, we see more people becoming ‘more Christmas’ and turning into various seasonal characters. The final conclusion leaves us with a warm feeling, as the son accepts his family’s love and turns into a tree himself. 

Lesson – Make your marketing relatable and heart-warming. If your customers can see themselves in your ads, they’re more likely to click buy. They see themselves using your products or services and will therefore make a purchase. And it doesn’t hurt to include a fun song in the background. 

Source: YouTube

Ikea – Take a holiday from the holidays

This advert is one of the more sombre choices on this list, but (like Tesco) Ikea have opted for the relatable angle this year. In their ad, they’ve shown us how we don’t always need to be rushing around at Christmas and how it’s important to take a break from the festivities to catch our breath. They’ve cleverly woven in their products, as we see each person shutting themselves out of the hustle and bustle to have a breather. A clever and interesting way to advertise, without being too over the top. Plus, everyone can relate to needing a break on Christmas Day.

Lesson – Your products don’t have to be at the forefront of your ads. If you can find a smart and sneaky way to weave them in, your customers will see it less as a sales pitch. This way you can subconsciously make them think about your products, and show them practical ways they can be used in everyday life.

Source: YouTube

KFC – Kentucky Fried Turkey

KFC’s Kentucky Fried Turkey advert takes us on a wild ride from start to finish. A simple premise, with a clever message, we see a man making what we’re led to believe is KFT (or Kentucky Fried Turkey). They use real social media quotes from customers asking for ‘Kentucky Fried Turkey’, showing the overwhelming amount of requests that they’ve received for the food item. The ad is shot much like one you’d see for M&S, with close-up, dramatic shots of the food being cooked. It all ends with possibly our favourite line from any advert, bringing it all to a close.

Lesson – A little comedy never hurt anyone. And using your own social media comments or quotes helps show your customers that you do actually read what they say (whether you use it or not!). Plus, why not throw in some twists and turns that will keep people guessing.

Source: YouTube

Amazon – Joy Ride

Our personal favourite for 2023, Amazon’s Joy Ride shows the relationship between three old friends and how they’re still young at heart. It tugs at the heart strings and makes us smile, when they end the advert joining in the snowy fun and sledding down a hill. This ad encompasses all we love about Christmas – spending time with loved ones and having fun. It’s not over the top, its message is simple and it utilises product placement well. A great advert all round in our books!

Lesson – You don’t need ‘in-your-face’ marketing to be successful. Using characters or messaging that’ll make your customers smile and remember the joy of Christmas is all you need to get sales flying.

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Happy Holidays!