“Dear Santa, this Christmas, I would like better brand equity, increased sales, and more loyal, engaging customers for my business…” 

Well, wouldn’t that be nice? Unlike a letter to Santa, however, writing it down and putting it out with a mince pie won’t get you what you want. But launching a newsletter around the festive season will!

In fact, you could be looking at a sackful of short and long-term benefits from a relatively low-cost marketing method. Newsletters will cut through the festive noise to slide down the chimney of your target audience (or, less intrusively, directly into their email inbox). Show potential customers all that good stuff you’ve got to offer over Christmas and beyond.

Reach consumers directly

We all know how much harder cold December mornings make getting out of bed, so how do you spend your “5 more minutes”? If you head straight to your emails, then you join a 58% majority, compared with the 14% who check social media first.

The same statistics show that 60% sign up to a brand’s email list to receive promotional offers, and 20% follow social media pages for the same reason. Because who wants a company sliding into their DMs?

The point? Customers are more likely to open an email, instead of searching for you on Instagram (other platforms are available). So, don’t make it tough for them. Directly target your audience where they’re most likely to exist and engage with you – preferably with something of value, like a promotion-packed festive newsletter.

Stay front of mind

Have you spent today thinking about Christmas shopping, your in-laws, or how many Brussels sprouts is too many Brussels sprouts? Of course you have – it’s that time of year when consumers start to mentally switch off from BAU. This makes it more important than ever to regularly communicate with your customers, so they don’t forget about you and your products!

Festive newsletters are ideal for this, and a great way to offer value. For example, if you specialise in selling handcrafted ceramic mugs, remind audiences that you’ve got a brand-new range, with elves riding candy cane roller coasters that'll make the perfect stocking filler!

Our tip? Make it personal – people are more likely to shop from companies that they feel really ’get’ them.

Promote special offers

‘Tis the season for consumers to get overwhelmed by incessant TV commercials and constant sponsored social media posts. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t ready to part with their cash, of course. Brits are expected to spend an average of £602 each on Christmas gifts this year, an increase of 40% from 2022. 

Cutting through the noise with promotional offers, discounts, and new products that align with your customer’s purchasing preferences is the first step. Gift wrapping them in a personal, easy-to-digest newsletter away from the rabble is how you gain the edge. Get straight to the point – don’t make your customers scroll endlessly to finally read about relevant offers.

Stay relevant and genuine

Granted, email subscriptions and newsletters might not exactly be a newly discovered weapon for your marketing arsenal – especially not at this time of year when they’re more than likely flooding your feed. But don’t worry about jumping on the bandwagon. You’ll still stand out if you’re relevant and genuine. 

Just because you’re joining the Christmas newsletter hype, it doesn’t mean you should sideline the essence of what makes your brand unique. Customers will be able to see past ‘trend-focused’ marketing in an instant. So, make sure that your newsletter content is valuable, relevant, and personal to get bells ringing!

76% of consumers said that receiving personalised communications was a key factor in prompting them to shop with a brand. 78% said it made them more likely to repurchase, so try tailoring your newsletter to different customers’ needs. 

Get started with Fasthosts

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