Do you fancy yourself a bit of a hustler? Maybe you want to sell tiny guinea pig tiaras through an Instagram shop? Consider it done. Think people could benefit from your Scandinavian citrus soap bars? Lemon squeezy.

So get your creative juices flowing and check out these 5 reasons why you should give ecommerce a whirl...

1. It’s versatile

Whatever your niche interest, ecommerce is an agile place to either explore that or to expand your existing physical store. And with any unique idea, you’ll need a unique business model to match…

  • Dropshipping – Probably one of the most recognisable methods of ecommerce, dropshippers work with external suppliers to market third-party products.
  • Wholesaling – Similar to dropshipping, wholesaling is where a seller will buy goods in bulk and resell them to a retailer – think Costco or 'cash and carry'.
  • Private labelling – You could work with a private manufacturer to create a unique product from scratch, then go to town on the branding and marketing yourself.
  • White labelling – Want the notoriety, but not the stuff that happens behind the scenes? White labellers purchase ready-made products to market.
  • Subscription service – A more regular source of income, subscriptions allow you to charge your consumer for access to a weekly, monthly, or yearly service.

2. It’s super for SEO

Increasing your online presence will have the knock-on effect of boosting your company’s SEO. With your site up and running, you’ll need to optimise local keywords to attract relevant customers and compete with bigger brands. And expect to see an increase in traffic, as 40% of consumers use search engines to shop. 

3. It’s profitable 

Goodbye, rent costs, heating bills, cleaning expenses, and decadent shop window displays. Hello, minimal overheads with low-risk, high-reward. Ecommerce shops cost considerably less to run, so you can put your budget into marketing or product development.

Plus, ecommerce can help you push sales with customers who prefer to shop online – particularly Millennials and Gen X, whose time online accounts for 50% more than older generations.

Of course, your online success still depends on your marketing efforts, product quality, and customer experience – among other things – so don’t expect this to be a one-and-done solution.

4. Easier to reach a global audience 

Beyond increasing operational hours from 9 - 5 to 24/7, hosting your own ecommerce site enables you to reach potential customers across the world. In fact, as of 2021, over two billion people shopped online regularly, with 43% of that traffic coming from Google’s search engine alone. And with great reach comes an even greater potential for profits (that’s how the quote goes, right?). 

5. It’s for anyone – especially with Fasthosts

The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert website developer to take the leap into ecommerce. The right platform can make setting up your site as easy as ABC. And luckily, we have the perfect recommendation.

Starting from just £1/month, our Ecommerce Website Builder allows you to create custom sites that sell across platforms like Instagram, Amazon, and Facebook – plus a free domain! Don’t wait to make your ecommerce dreams a reality – get in touch with our team today.