Powerful, eco-friendly hosting in the UK

Located alongside our offices in Gloucester, UK, our data centres are the heart of the services we provide. Since 1998, we've been continually investing in our multi-million pound infrastructure to ensure we stay at the cutting-edge of the hosting industry. Powered by renewable energy, they're packed with the latest hardware and are continually maintained, so we can ensure you get the reliable and powerful services you expect from us.

Green energy

Our commitment to the future

Our data centres run on 100% renewable energy. This means the electricity powering our data centres is generated through offshore wind and biofuel, making our impact on the environment as low as we can make it without sacrificing any of the performance of our services. We also hold an ISO 50001 certificate for our energy management, so the renewable energy we use is allocated in the most efficient way possible.

Renewable doesn’t mean unreliable

There’s a misconception that clean energy isn’t completely reliable, but this isn’t the case for us. Our data centres use the most advanced APC X UPS system available, providing uninterruptible power to all our servers. In the case of an outage, the power supply is switched instantly to a backup generator, with absolutely no interruption to our services.

Green energy

Climate controlled environment

We employ extensive environmental controls to make sure our servers max out their potential and deliver top performance day-in, day-out. A multi-million pound Denco system keeps the critical internal climate monitored and adjusted to perfection at all times. Should a fire occur, FM-200 gas is discharged within two seconds to suppress the affected area.

The safest place for your data

Fasthosts data centres are ISO 27001 certified, meaning they meet industry best-practices for information security. Access is strictly limited to cleared personnel with a role-based swipe-card system, and a sophisticated CCTV network covers all areas of our data centres and offices.

System experts on-hand

In addition to our highly experienced staff on duty at all times, we have a team of system engineers on-site. If the data centres are the heart of what we do, our expert engineers are the brain. They monitor our data centres 24 hours a day, checking for emerging issues with the platform. Their expertise means that many issues are corrected before they even happen – and if something does occur, our staff are never far away.