Big projects, expansive websites and demanding programmes require the right level of hosting to perform as intended. For that, you might have called upon the powerful capabilities of a virtual private server (VPS)... but is your latest upgrade fast enough? 

A better, faster, stronger VPS can empower you to plan and execute larger-scale online initiatives with confidence – boosting business both internally and externally. Let’s unpack that power a little more…

Why you might need a faster VPS

The perks of possessing your own chunk of super reliable, virtual hardware – rather than a shared server – gives you greater reassurance around performance, website speed and security. But you probably already know that. What you shouldn’t sleep on, however, is the ability to scale up your VPS in line with your exponential business needs.

So, if you’re umm-ing and ahh-ing about the benefits of a VPS, ask yourself the following:

  • Has your website traffic or resource demands increased since onboarding your last hosting package?
  • Has the potential of your website going down become more costly?
  • Are you running more demanding programmes that require optimum performance?

If you answered yes to any of these, it might be time to say “VP-yes” to an upgrade.

More power = better speeds = greater performance

A bigger bandwidth means raising the maximum amount of data your connection can handle at any moment, speeding up the performance of your website, programmes and project. Here’s a few examples of where a super-fast VPS really comes through:

  • Website trafficAre more people visiting your website than ever before? Expecting bigger traffic spikes? A faster VPS keeps your website performing at its best with rapid response times for your current and potential customers. 
  • Expansive ecommerce – Maintaining that upward trajectory of sales conversions requires a website that can handle more traffic at any one time, especially during peak spike events like Black Friday, for example. Keep your customer journey fluid and retain their loyalty with a VPS that can handle your growth.
  • App or code development – Adding more programmes and products to your online arsenal is an exciting part of growing a business. A faster VPS is more likely to handle your new builds and facilitate their performance. 

You can’t afford not to upgrade

Increasing the power and speed of your server is an investment, one that not only expands your capabilities as a business, but keeps your staff and customers on side. Assess your needs, analyse your project sizes and know your programme demands. 

If your current VPS speed was intended for a previous, less demanding version of your business, not upgrading could lead to lower internal productivity, turned-off customers and slower business activity all round.  

Take the next step with Fasthosts

As it happens, we’ve recently introduced the next generation of VPS to our online product suite – bringing more power, speed and performance than ever before to our current and new customers. 

Check out our brand new package table to find a level of VPS that suits you. And don’t hesitate to contact our team for all the friendly, expert hosting advice you need to help your business run like the wind.